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Börner, Corinna; Staisch, Jacob; Lang, Magdalena; Hauser, Ari; Hannibal, Iris; Huß, Kristina; Klose, Birgit; Lechner, Matthias F.; Sollmann, Nico; Heinen, Florian; Landgraf, Mirjam N. and Bonfert, Michaela V. (16. July 2022): Repetitive Neuromuscular Magnetic Stimulation for Pediatric Headache Disorders: Muscular Effects and Factors Affecting Level of Response. In: Brain Sciences, Vol. 12, No. 7 [PDF, 1MB]

Staisch, Jacob; Borner, Corinna; Lang, Magdalena; Hauser, Ari; Hannibal, Iris; Huss, Kristina; Klose, Birgit; Lechner, Matthias F.; Sollmann, Nico; Heinen, Florian; Landgraf, Mirjam N. and Bonfert, Michaela V. (2022): Repetitive neuromuscular magnetic stimulation in children with headache. In: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, Vol. 39: pp. 40-48

Boerner, Corinna; Renner, Tabea; Trepte-Freisleder, Florian; Urban, Giada; Schandelmaier, Paul; Lang, Magdalena; Lechner, Matthias F. F.; Koenig, Helene; Klose, Birgit; Albers, Lucia; Krieg, Sandro M. M.; Baum, Thomas; Heinen, Florian; Landgraf, Mirjam N. N.; Sollmann, Nico and Bonfert, Michaela V. V. (2022): Response Predictors of Repetitive Neuromuscular Magnetic Stimulation in the Preventive Treatment of Episodic Migraine. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 13, 919623

Bonfert, Michaela V. ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0995-9050; Sollmann, Nico; Renner, Tabea; Börner, Corinna; Urban, Giada; Schandelmaier, Paul; Hannibal, Iris; Huß, Kristina; Parisi, Carmen; Gerstl, Lucia; Vill, Katharina; Blaschek, Astrid; Koenig, Helene; Klose, Birgit; Heinen, Florian; Landgraf, Mirjam N. and Albers, Lucia (2021): Burden of disease and lifestyle habits in adolescents and young adults prone to frequent episodic migraine: A secondary comparative analysis. In: Journal of Child Health Care, Vol. 26, No. 2, 13674935211008712: pp. 215-227 [PDF, 598kB]

Bonfert, Michaela Veronika; Börner, Corinna; Gerstl, Lucia; Hannibal, Iris; Mathonia, Nina; Huß, Kristina; Rahmsdorf, Birte; Kainz, Christina; Klose, Birgit; Koenig, Helene; Urban, Giada; Schandelmaier, Paul; Renner, Tabea; Albers, Lucia; Krieg, Sandro Manuel; Sollmann, Nico; Heinen, Florian and Landgraf, Mirjam Natascha (2020): Migräne im Kindes- und Jugendalter — Ausblick auf innovative Behandlungsansätze im Rahmen multimodaler Therapiekonzepte. In: Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz, Vol. 63, No. 7: pp. 872-880 [PDF, 346kB]

Renner, Tabea; Sollmann, Nico; Heinen, Florian; Albers, Lucia; Trepte-Freisleder, Florian; Klose, Birgit; König, Helene; Krieg, Sandro M.; Bonfert, Michaela V. and Landgraf, Mirjam N. (2020): Alleviation of migraine symptoms by application of repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation to myofascial trigger points of neck and shoulder muscles - A randomized trial. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 10, No. 1, 5954 [PDF, 1MB]

Renner, Tabea; Sollmann, Nico; Trepte-Freisleder, Florian L.; Albers, Lucia; Mathonia, Nina M.; Bonfert, Michaels; König, Helene; Klose, Birgit; Krieg, Sandro M.; Heinen, Florian; Gerstl, Lucia and Landgra, Miriam N. (July 2019): Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (rPMS) in Subjects With Migraine-Setup Presentation and Effects on Skeletal Musculature. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 10, 738: pp. 1-14 [PDF, 1MB]

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