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Valent, P.; Akin, C.; Hartmann, K.; George, T. I.; Sotlar, K.; Peter, B.; Gleixner, K. V.; Blatt, K.; Sperr, W. R.; Manley, P. W.; Hermine, O.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Arock, M.; Horny, H.-P.; Reiter, A. and Gotlib, J. (2017): Midostaurin: a magic bullet that blocks mast cell expansion and activation. In: Annals of Oncology, Vol. 28, No. 10: pp. 2367-2376

Reiter, A.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; George, T.; Akin, C.; DeAngelo, D. J.; Hermine, O.; Awan, F.; Hexner, E.; Mauro, M.; Schwaab, J.; Jawhar, M.; Sternberg, D.; Berkowitz, N.; Niolat, J.; Labed, A. Huntsman; Hartmann, K.; Horny, H.-P.; Valent, P. and Gotlib, J. (2017): Pooled Survival Analysis Of Midostaurin Clinical Study Data (D2201+A2213) In Patients With Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis Compared With Historical Controls. In: Haematologica, Vol. 102: pp. 321-322


Dreyling, Martin; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Bea, Silvia; Klapper, Wolfram; Vogt, N.; Delfau-Larue, M. H.; Hutter, Grit; Cheah, C.; Chiappella, A.; Cortelazzo, Sergio; Pott, Christiane; Hess, G.; Visco, C.; Vitolo, U.; Klener, P.; Aurer, I.; Unterhalt, Michael; Ribrag, Vincent; Hoster, Eva and Hermine, Olivier (2013): Update on the molecular pathogenesis and clinical treatment of mantle cell lymphoma: report of the 11th annual conference of the European Mantle Cell Lymphoma Network. In: Leukemia & Lymphoma, Vol. 54, No. 4: pp. 699-707


Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Hoster, Eva; Hermine, Olivier; Walewski, J.; Trneny, Marek; Geisler, C. H.; Stilgenbauer, S.; Thieblemont, C.; Vehling-Kaiser, U.; Doorduijn, J. K.; Coiffier, B.; Forstpointner, R.; Tilly, H.; Kanz, L.; Feugier, P.; Szymczyk, Michal; Hallek, M.; Kremers, S.; Lepeu, G.; Sanhes, L.; Zijlstra, J. M.; Bouabdallah, R.; Lugtenburg, P. J.; Macro, M.; Pfreundschuh, M.; Prochazka, V.; Di Raimondo, F.; Ribrag, Vincent; Uppenkamp, M.; Andre, M.; Klapper, Wolfram; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Unterhalt, Michael and Dreyling, Martin (2012): Treatment of older patients with mantle-cell lymphoma. In: New England Journal of Medicine / NEJM, Vol. 367, No. 6: pp. 520-531


Dreyling, Martin; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Bea, Silvia; Hartmann, Elena; Salaverria, Itziar; Hutter, Grit; Perez-Galan, P.; Roue, G.; Pott, Christiane; Le Gouill, Steven; Cortelazzo, Sergio; Rule, S.; Hess, G.; Zaja, F.; Vitolo, U.; Szymczyk, Michal; Walewski, J.; Ribrag, Vincent; Unterhalt, Michael; Hermine, Olivier and Hoster, Eva (2011): Update on the molecular pathogenesis and clinical treatment of mantle cell lymphoma: report of the 10th annual conference of the European Mantle Cell Lymphoma Network. In: Leukemia & Lymphoma, Vol. 52, No. 12: pp. 2226-2236


Pott, Christiane; Hoster, Eva; Delfau-Larue, M. H.; Beldjord, K.; Böttcher, S.; Asnafi, V.; Plonquet, A.; Siebert, R.; Callet-Bauchu, E.; Andersen, N.; van Dongen, J. J.; Klapper, Wolfram; Berger, F.; Ribrag, Vincent; van Hoof, A. L.; Trneny, Marek; Walewski, J.; Dreger, P.; Unterhalt, Michael; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Kneba, M.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Hermine, Olivier; Macintyre, E. and Dreyling, Martin (2010): Molecular remission is an independent predictor of clinical outcome in patients with mantle cell lymphoma after combined immunochemotherapy: a European MCL intergroup study. In: Blood, Vol. 115, No. 16: pp. 3215-3223


Hoster, Eva; Dreyling, Martin; Klapper, Wolfram; Gisselbrecht, C.; van Hoof, A.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Pfreundschuh, M.; Reiser, M.; Metzner, B.; Einsele, H.; Peter, N.; Jung, W.; Wörmann, Bernhard; Ludwig, W. D.; Dührsen, U.; Eimermacher, H.; Wandt, H.; Hasford, Joerg; Hiddemann, Wolfgang and Unterhalt, Michael (2008): A new prognostic index (MIPI) for patients with advanced-stage mantle cell lymphoma, Erratum. In: Blood, Vol. 111, No. 2: pp. 558-565


Dreyling, Martin; Lenz, G.; Hoster, Eva; Van-Hoof, A.; Gisselbrecht, C.; Schmits, R.; Metzner, B.; Truemper, L.; Reiser, M.; Steinhauer, H.; Boiron, J. M.; Boogaerts, M. A.; Aldaoud, A.; Silingardi, V.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Hasford, Joerg; Parwaresch, R.; Unterhalt, Michael and Hiddemann, Wolfgang (2005): Early consolidation by myeloablative radiochemotherapy followed by autologous stem cell transplantation in first remission significantly prolongs progression-free survival in mantle-cell lymphoma: results of a prospective randomized trial of the European MCL Network. In: Blood, Vol. 105, No. 7: pp. 2677-2684

Hasford, Joerg; Pfirrmann, Markus; Shepherd, P.; Guilhot, J.; Hehlmann, R.; Mahon, F. X.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Ohnishi, K.; Steegmann, J. L. and Thaler, J. (2005): The impact of the combination of baseline risk group and cytogenetic response on the survival of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia treated with interferon alpha. In: Haematologica, Vol. 90, No. 3: pp. 335-340


Hasford, Joerg; Pfirrmann, Markus; Hehlmann, R.; Baccarani, M.; Guilhot, F.; Mahon, F. X.; Kluin-Nelemans, H. C.; Ohnishi, K.; Thaler, J. and Steegmann, J. L. (2003): Prognosis and prognostic factors for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia: nontransplant therapy. In: Seminars in Hematology, Vol. 40, No. 1: pp. 4-12

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