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Ludwig, Sandra; Thoma, Carmen (April 2012): Do Women Have More Shame than Men? An Experiment on Self-Assessment and the Shame of Overestimating Oneself. Münchener Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Beiträge (VWL) 2012-15 [PDF, 367kB]


Ludwig, Sandra (April 2011): Contests – A comparison of timing and information structures. Münchener Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Beiträge (VWL) 2011-6 [PDF, 360kB]

Ludwig, Sandra; Wichardt, Philip C.; Wickhorst, Hanke (April 2011): On the Positive Effects of Overcon fident Self-Perception in Teams. Münchener Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Beiträge (VWL) 2011-11 [PDF, 294kB]


Ludwig, Sandra; Wichardt, Philipp C.; Wickhorst, Hanke (5. Juli 2010): Overconfidence Can Improve an Agent's Relative and Absolute Performance in Contests. Münchener Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Beiträge (VWL) 2010-35 [PDF, 158kB]


Kircher, Philipp; Sandroni, Alvaro; Ludwig, Sandra (November 2009): Fairness: A Critique to the Utilitarian Approach. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 288 [PDF, 289kB]

Ludwig, Sandra; Strassmair, Christina (September 2009): An Experimental study on the information structure in teams. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 277 [PDF, 373kB]

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