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Hoffmann, Sandra; Clauss, Sebastian; Berger, Ina M.; Weiß, Birgit; Montalbano, Antonino; Röth, Ralph; Bucher, Madeline; Klier, Ina; Wakili, Reza; Seitz, Hervé; Schulze-Bahr, Eric; Katus, Hugo A.; Flachsbart, Friederike; Nebel, Almut; Guenther, Sabina P. W.; Bagaev, Erik; Rottbauer, Wolfgang; Kääb, Stefan; Just, Steffen; Rappold, Gudrun A. (2016): Coding and non-coding variants in the SHOX2 gene in patients with early-onset atrial fibrillation. In: Basic Research in Cardiology, Vol. 111, Nr. 3, 36

Rappold, Gudrun A.; Cremer, Thomas; Cremer, Christoph; Hager, H. D.; Davies, K. E.; Müller, C. R.; Yang, T. (August 1984): Sex chromosome positions in human interphase nuclei as studied by in situ hybridization with chromosome specific DNA probes. In: Human Genetics, Vol. 67, Nr. 3: S. 317-325 [PDF, 1MB]

Rappold, Gudrun A.; Cremer, Thomas; Cremer, Christoph; Back, W.; Bogenberger, J.; Cooke, H. J. (1984): Chromosome assignment of two cloned DNA probes hybridizing predominantly to human sex chromosomes. In: Human Genetics, Vol. 65, Nr. 3: S. 257-261 [PDF, 545kB]

Rappold, Gudrun A.; Hameister, Horst; Cremer, Thomas; Adolph, Sabine; Henglein, Berthold; Freese, Ulrich-K.; Lenoire, Gilbert M.; Bornkamm, Georg W. (1984): C-myc and immunoglobulin kappa light chain constant genes are on the 8q+ chromosome of three Burkitt lymphoma lines with t(2;8) translocations. In: The EMBO Journal, Vol. 3, Nr. 12: S. 2951-2955 [PDF, 2MB]

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