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Wickham, Shelley F. J.; Auer, Alexander; Min, Jianghong; Ponnuswamy, Nandhini; Wöhrstein, Johannes B.; Schüder, Florian; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Schnitzbauer, Jörg; Nathwani, Bhavik; Zhao, Zhao; Perrault, Steven D.; Hahn, Jaeseung; Lee, Seungwoo; Bastings, Maartje M.; Helmig, Sarah W.; Kodal, Anne Louise; Yin, Peng; Jungmann, Ralf and Shih, William M. (2020): Complex multicomponent patterns rendered on a 3D DNA-barrel pegboard. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 11, No. 1, 5768 [PDF, 3MB]


Stehr, Florian; Stein, Johannes; Schüder, Florian; Schwille, Petra and Jungmann, Ralf (2019): Flat-top TIRF illumination boosts DNA-PAINT imaging and quantification. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 10, 1268 [PDF, 3MB]


Krahmer, Natalie; Najafi, Bahar; Schüder, Florian; Quagliarini, Fabiana; Steger, Martin; Seitz, Susanne; Kasper, Robert; Salinas, Favio; Cox, Jürgen; Uhlenhaut, Nina Henriette; Walther, Tobias Christian; Jungmann, Ralf; Zeigerer, Anja; Borner, Georg Heinz Helmut and Mann, Matthias (2018): Organellar Proteomics and Phospho-Proteomics Reveal Subcellular Reorganization in Diet-Induced Hepatic Steatosis. In: Developmental Cell, Vol. 47, No. 2: pp. 205-221

Strauss, Maximilian T.; Schüder, Florian; Haas, Daniel; Nickels, Philipp C. and Jungmann, Ralf (2018): Quantifying absolute addressability in DNA origami with molecular resolution. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 9, 1600 [PDF, 1MB]

Heydarian, Hamidreza; Schüder, Florian; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Werkhoven, Ben van; Fazel, Mohamadreza; Lidke, Keith A.; Jungmann, Ralf; Stallinga, Sjoerd and Rieger, Bernd (2018): Template-free 2D particle fusion in localization microscopy. In: Nature Methods, Vol. 15, No. 10: pp. 781-784

Schlichthaerle, Thomas; Eklund, Alexandra S.; Schüder, Florian; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Tiede, Christian; Curd, Alistair; Ries, Jonas; Peckham, Michelle; Tomlinson, Darren C. and Jungmann, Ralf (2018): Site-Specific Labeling of Affimers for DNA-PAINT Microscopy. In: Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, Vol. 57, No. 34: pp. 11060-11063

Auer, Alexander; Schlichthaerle, Thomas; Woehrstein, Johannes B.; Schüder, Florian; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Grabmayr, Heinrich and Jungmann, Ralf (2018): Nanometer-scale Multiplexed Super-Resolution Imaging with an Economic 3D-DNA-PAINT Microscope. In: ChemPhysChem, Vol. 19, No. 22: pp. 3024-3034


Schüder, Florian; Lara-Gutierrez, Juanita; Beliveau, Brian J.; Saka, Sinem K.; Sasaki, Hiroshi M.; Wöhrstein, Johannes B.; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Grabmayr, Heinrich; Yin, Peng and Jungmann, Ralf (2017): Multiplexed 3D super-resolution imaging of whole cells using spinning disk confocal microscopy and DNA-PAINT. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 8, 2090 [PDF, 4MB]

Ong, Luvena L.; Hanikel, Nikita; Yaghi, Omar K.; Grun, Casey; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Bron, Patrick; Lai-Kee-Him, Josephine; Schüder, Florian; Wang, Bei; Wang, Pengfei; Kishi, Jocelyn Y.; Myhrvold, Cameron; Zhu, Allen; Jungmann, Ralf; Bellot, Gaetan; Ke, Yonggang and Yin, Peng (2017): Programmable self-assembly of three-dimensional nanostructures from 10,000 unique components. In: Nature, Vol. 552, No. 7683: pp. 72-77

Agasti, Sarit S.; Wang, Yu; Schüder, Florian; Sukumar, Aishwarya; Jungmann, Ralf and Yin, Peng (2017): DNA-barcoded labeling probes for highly multiplexed Exchange-PAINT imaging. In: Chemical Science, Vol. 8, No. 4: pp. 3080-3091

Schnitzbauer, Jörg; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Schlichthärle, Thomas; Schüder, Florian and Jungmann, Ralf (2017): Super-resolution microscopy with DNA-PAINT. In: Nature Protocols, Vol. 12, No. 6: pp. 1198-1228

Schüder, Florian; Strauss, Maximilian T.; Hörl, David; Schnitzbauer, Jörg; Schlichthaerle, Thomas; Strauss, Sebastian; Yin, Peng; Harz, Hartmann; Leonhardt, Heinrich and Jungmann, Ralf (2017): Universal Super-Resolution Multiplexing by DNA Exchange. In: Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, Vol. 56, No. 14: pp. 4052-4055

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