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Strewe, Claudia; Zeller, R.; Feuerecker, Matthias; Hoerl, Marion; Matzel, Sandra; Kumprej, I.; Crispin, Alexander; Johannes, B.; Debevec, T.; Mekjavic, Igor B.; Eiken, Ola; Thiel, Manfred; Schelling, Gustav; Choukèr, Alexander (2018): PlanHab Study: Consequences of combined normobaric hypoxia and bed rest on adenosine kinetics. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, No. 1 [PDF, 1MB]

Kranaster, Laura; Hoyer, Carolin; Aksay, SunaS.; Bumb, J. Malte; Müller, Norbert; Zill, Peter; Schwarz, Markus J.; Moll, Natalie; Lutz, Beat; Bindila, Laura; Zerr, Inga; Schmitz, Matthias; Blennow, Kaj; Zetterberg, Henrik; Haffner, Dieter; Leifheit-Nestler, Maren; Ozbalci, Cagakan; Janke, Christoph; Thiel, Manfred; Sartorius, Alexander (2018): Biomarkers for Antidepressant Efficacy of Electroconvulsive Therapy: An Exploratory Cerebrospinal Fluid Study. In: Neuropsychobiology, Vol. 77, No. 1: pp. 13-22

Eisner, Christoph; Kim, SooMi; Grill, Alexandra; Qin, Yan; Hoerl, Marion; Briggs, Josephine; Castrop, Hayo; Thiel, Manfred; Schnermann, Jürgen (2017): Profound hypothermia after adenosine kinase inhibition in A1AR-deficient mice suggests a receptor-independent effect of intracellular adenosine. In: Pflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology, Vol. 469, No. 2: pp. 339-347

Frippiat, Jean-Pol; Crucian, Brian E.; de Quervain, Dominique J-F; Grimm, Daniela; Montano, Nicola; Praun, Siegfried; Roozendaal, Benno; Schelling, Gustav; Thiel, Manfred; Ullrich, Oliver; Choukèr, Alexander (2016): Towards human exploration of space: The THESEUS review series on immunology research priorities. In: npj Microgravity, Vol. 2, 16040 [PDF, 736kB]

Zangl, Quirin; Martignoni, Andre; Jackson, Sharon H.; Ohta, Akio; Klaunberg, Brenda; Kaufmann, Ines; Lukashev, Dimitry; Ward, Jerrold M.; Sitkovsky, Michail V.; Thiel, Manfred; Chouker, Alexander (2014): Postoperative Hyperoxia (60%) Worsens Hepatic Injury in Mice. In: Anesthesiology, Vol. 121, No. 6: pp. 1217-1225 [PDF, 503kB]

Choukèr, Alexander; Kaufmann, Ines; Kreth, Simone; Hauer, Daniela; Feuerecker, Matthias; Thieme, Detlef; Vogeser, Michael; Thiel, Manfred; Schelling, Gustav (21. May 2010): Motion sickness, stress and the endocannabinoid system.
In: PLOS ONE 5(5), e10752 [PDF, 338kB]

Thiel, Manfred; Caldwell, Charles C.; Kreth, Simone; Kuboki, Satoshi; Chen, P.; Smith, Patrick; Ohta, Akio; Lentsch, Alex B.; Lukashev, Dmitry; Sitkovsky, Michail V. (2007): Targeted deletion of HIF-1alpha gene in T cells prevents their inhibition in hypoxic inflamed tissues and improves septic mice survival.
In: PLOS ONE (9), e853 [PDF, 831kB]

Kaufmann, Ines; Eisner, Christoph; Richter, Peter; Huge, Volker; Beyer, Antje; Chouker, Alexander; Schelling, Gustav; Thiel, Manfred (2007): Lymphocyte subsets and the role of Th1/Th2 balance in stressed chronic pain patients. In: Neuroimmunomodulation, No. 5: pp. 272-280 [PDF, 341kB]

Schelling, Gustav; Hauer, D.; Azad, S. C.; Schmoelz, M.; Chouker, Alexander; Schmidt, M.; Hornuss, C.; Rippberger, M.; Briegel, Josef; Thiel, Manfred; Vogeser, M. (2006): Effects of general anesthesia on anandamide blood levels in humans. In: Anesthesiology, Vol. 104, No. 2: pp. 273-277

Thiel, Manfred; Chouker, Alexander; Ohta, Akio; Jackson, Edward; Caldwell, Charles; Smith, Patrick; Lukashev, Dmitry; Bittmann, Iris; Sitkovsky, Michail V. (3. May 2005): Oxygenation inhibits the physiological tissue-protecting mechanism and thereby exacerbates acute inflammatory lung injury.
In: PLOS Biology 3(6), e174 [PDF, 368kB]

Chouker, Alexander; Martignoni, A.; Schauer, R.; Dugas, Martin; Rau, H. G.; Jauch, K. W.; Peter, K.; Thiel, Manfred (2005): Beneficial effects of ischemic preconditioning in patients undergoing hepatectomy: the role of neutrophils. In: Archives of surgery, Vol. 140, No. 2: pp. 129-136

Chouker, Alexander; Martignoni, A.; Schauer, R. J.; Dugas, Martin; Schachtner, T.; Kaufmann, I.; Setzer, F.; Rau, H. G.; Lohe, F.; Jauch, K. W.; Peter, K.; Thiel, Manfred (2005): Alpha-gluthathione S-transferase as an early marker of hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury after liver resection. In: World Journal of Surgery, Vol. 29, No. 4: pp. 528-534

Chouker, Alexander; Martignoni, A.; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Schauer, R.; Kaufmann, I.; Schelling, Gustav; Löhe, F.; Jauch, K. W.; Peter, K.; Thiel, Manfred; Martignoni, Andre; Dugas, Martin; Schauer, Rolf; Kaufmann, Ines; Lohe, Florian; Jauch, Karl-Walter; Peter, Klaus (2004): Estimation of liver size for liver transplantation: The impact of age and gender. In: Liver Transplantation, Vol. 10, No. 5: pp. 678-685

Chouker, Alexander; Schachtner, T.; Schauer, R.; Dugas, Martin; Lohe, F.; Martignoni, A.; Pollwein, B.; Niklas, M.; Rau, H. G.; Jauch, Karl-Walter; Peter, K.; Thiel, Manfred (2004): Effects of Pringle manoeuvre and ischaemic preconditioning on haemodynamic stability in patients undergoing elective hepatectomy: A randomized trial. In: British Journal of Anaesthesia, Vol. 93, No. 2: pp. 204-211

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