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Chen, L.; Mankovsky, S.; Wimmer, S.; Schön, M. A. W.; Koerner, H. S.; Kronseder, M.; Schuh, D.; Bougeard, D.; Ebert, H.; Weiss, D.; Back, C. H. (2018): Emergence of anisotropic Gilbert damping in ultrathin Fe layers on GaAs(001). In: Nature Physics, Vol. 14, No. 5: pp. 490-494

Mankovsky, S.; Wimmer, S.; Polesya, S.; Ebert, H. (2018): Composition-dependent magnetic response properties of Mn1-xFexGe alloys. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 97, No. 2, 24403

Mankovsky, S.; Wimmer, S.; Ebert, H. (2018): Gilbert damping in noncollinear magnetic systems. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 98, No. 10, 104406

Srichandan, S.; Wimmer, S.; Poellath, S.; Kronseder, M.; Ebert, H.; Back, C. H.; Strunk, C. (2018): Magnon scattering in the transport coefficients of CoFe thin films. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 98, No. 2, 20406

Samolyuk, G. D.; Mu, S.; May, A. F.; Sales, B. C.; Wimmer, S.; Mankovsky, S.; Ebert, H.; Stocks, G. M. (2018): Temperature dependent electronic transport in concentrated solid solutions of the 3d-transition metals Ni, Fe, Co and Cr from first principles. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 98, No. 16, 165141

Meyer, S.; Chen, Y.-T.; Wimmer, S.; Althammer, M.; Wimmer, T.; Schlitz, R.; Geprägs, S.; Huebl, H.; Ködderitzsch, D.; Ebert, H.; Bauer, G. E. W.; Gross, R.; Goennenwein, S. T. B. (2017): Observation of the spin Nernst effect. In: Nature Materials, Vol. 16, No. 10: pp. 977-981

Wimmer, S.; Chadova, K.; Seemann, M.; Ködderitzsch, D.; Ebert, H. (2016): Fully relativistic description of spin-orbit torques by means of linear response theory. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 94, No. 5, 54415

Obstbaum, M.; Decker, M.; Greitner, A. K.; Haertinger, M.; Meier, T. N. G.; Kronseder, M.; Chadova, K.; Wimmer, S.; Ködderitzsch, D.; Ebert, H.; Back, C. H. (2016): Tuning Spin Hall Angles by Alloying. In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 117, No. 16, 167204

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