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Schöberl, Florian; Feil, Katharina; Xiong, Guoming; Bartenstein, Peter; la Fougere, Christian; Jahn, Klaus; Brandt, Thomas; Strupp, Michael; Dieterich, Marianne; Zwergal, Andreas (2017): Pathological ponto-cerebello-thalamo-cortical activations in primary orthostatic tremor during lying and stance. In: Brain, Vol. 140: pp. 83-97

Zwergal, Andreas; Günther, Lisa; Brendel, Matthias; Beck, Roswitha; Lindner, Simon; Xiong, Guoming; Eilles, Eva; Unterrainer, Marcus; Albert, Nathalie Lisa; Becker-Bense, Sandra; Brandt, Thomas; Ziegler, Sibylle; la Fougere, Christian; Dieterich, Marianne; Bartenstein, Peter (2017): In Vivo Imaging of Glial Activation after Unilateral Labyrinthectomy in the Rat: A [F-18]GE180-PET study. In: Frontiers in Neurology, Vol. 8, 665 [PDF, 1MB]

Deutschländer, Angela; la Fougère, Christian; Boetzel, Kai; Albert, Nathalie L.; Gildehaus, Franz-Josef; Bartenstein, Peter; Xiong, Guoming; Cumming, Paul (2016): Occupancy of pramipexole (Sifrol) at cerebral dopamine D2/3 receptors in Parkinson's disease patients. In: Neuroimage: Clinical, Vol. 12: pp. 41-46 [PDF, 552kB]

Zwergal, Andreas; Schlichtiger, Julia; Xiong, Guoming; Beck, Roswitha; Günther, Lisa; Schniepp, Roman; Schöberl, Florian; Jahn, Klaus; Brandt, Thomas; Strupp, Michael; Bartenstein, Peter; Dieterich, Marianne; Dutia, Mayank B.; La Fougère, Christian (2016): Sequential [F-18]FDG A mu PET whole-brain imaging of central vestibular compensation: a model of deafferentation-induced brain plasticity. In: Brain Structure & Function, Vol. 221, No. 1: pp. 159-170

Zwergal, Andreas; Schöberl, Florian; Xiong, Guoming; Pradhan, Cauchy; Covic, Aleksandar; Werner, Philipp; Trapp, Christoph; Bartenstein, Peter; La Fougère, Christian; Jahn, Klaus; Dieterich, Marianne; Brandt, Thomas (2016): Anisotropy of Human Horizontal and Vertical Navigation in Real Space: Behavioral and PET Correlates. In: Cerebral Cortex, Vol. 26, No. 11: pp. 4392-4404

Albert, Nathalie L.; Unterrainer, Marcus; Diemling, Markus; Xiong, Guoming; Bartenstein, Peter; Koch, Walter; Varrone, Andrea; Dickson, John C.; Tossici-Bolt, Livia; Sera, Terez; Asenbaum, Susanne; Booij, Jan; Kapucu, L. Özlem Atay; Kluge, Andreas; Ziebell, Morten; Darcourt, Jacques; Nobili, Flavio; Pagani, Marco; Sabri, Osama; Hesse, Swen; Borght, Thierry vander; Laere, Koen van; Tatsch, Klaus; Fougere, Christian la (2016): Implementation of the European multicentre database of healthy controls for [I-123]FP-CIT SPECT increases diagnostic accuracy in patients with clinically uncertain parkinsonian syndromes. In: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Vol. 43, No. 7: pp. 1315-1322

Todica, Andrei; Lehner, Sebastian; Wang, Hao; Zacherl, Mathias J.; Nekolla, Katharina; Mille, Erik; Xiong, Guoming; Bartenstein, Peter; Fougère, Christian la; Hacker, Marcus; Böning, Guido (2016): Derivation of a respiration trigger signal in small animal list-mode PET based on respiration-induced variations of the ECG signal. In: Journal of Nuclear Cardiology, Vol. 23, No. 1: pp. 73-83

Günther, Lisa; Beck, Roswitha; Xiong, Guoming; Potschka, Heidrun; Jahn, Klaus; Bartenstein, Peter; Brandt, Thomas; Dutia, Mayank; Dieterich, Marianne; Strupp, Michael; la Fougere, Christian; Zwergal, Andreas (2015): N-Acetyl-L-Leucine Accelerates Vestibular Compensation after Unilateral Labyrinthectomy by Action in the Cerebellum and Thalamus.
In: PLOS ONE 10(3), e0120891 [PDF, 1MB]

Rötering, Sven; Deuther-Conrad, Winnie; Cumming, Paul; Donat, Cornelius K.; Scheunemann, Matthias; Fischer, Steffen; Xiong, Guoming; Steinbach, Jörg; Peters, Dan; Sabri, Osama; Bucerius, Jan; Brust, Peter (2014): Imaging of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in brain and cerebral vasculature of juvenile pigs with [¹⁸F]NS14490. In: EJNMMI Research, Vol. 4, 43 [PDF, 821kB]

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