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Degen, Nikolaus; Suero, Eduardo; Bogusch, Miriam; Neuerburg, Carl; Manz, Kirsi Marjaana ORCID: 0000-0002-7740-4076; Becker, Christopher A.; Befrui, Nima; Kammerlander, Christian; Böcker, Wolfgang; Zeckey, Christian (2020): Intraoperative use of cortical step sign and diameter difference sign: Accuracy, inter-rater agreement and influence of surgical experience in subtrochanteric transverse fractures. In: Orthopaedics & traumatology, surgery & research: OTSR [Forthcoming]

Zeckey, Christian; Cavalcanti Kußmaul, Adrian; Suero, Eduardo M.; Kammerlander, Christian; Greiner, Axel; Woiczinski, Matthias; Braun, Christian; Flatz, Wilhelm; Boecker, Wolfgang; Becker, Christopher A. (2020): The T-pod is as stable as supraacetabular fixation using 1 or 2 Schanz screws in partially unstable pelvic fractures: a biomechanical study. In: European Journal of Medical Research 25:26 [PDF, 991kB]

Fleischhacker, Evi; Ehrl, Denis; Fürmetz, Julian; Meller, R.; Böcker, Wolfgang; Zeckey, Christian (2020): Rekonstruktion großer osteochondraler Defekte des distalen Femurs und der proximalen Tibia. Anpassung frisch gefrorener Allografts unter Zuhilfenahme 3D-gedruckter Kunststoffmodelle. In: Unfallchirurg, Vol. 124: pp. 74-79 [PDF, 868kB]

Pfeufer, Daniel; Kammerlander, Christian; Stadler, Christian; Roth, Tobias; Blauth, Michael; Neuerburg, Carl; Böcker, Wolfgang; Zeckey, Christian; Lechleitner, Monika; Gosch, Markus (2020): Multidisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation improves the long-term functional status of geriatric hip-fracture patients. In: European Journal of Medical Research, Vol. 25, 31 [PDF, 1MB]

Siebenbürger, G.; Grabein, B.; Schenck, T.; Kammerlander, C.; Böcker, W.; Zeckey, Christian (2019): Eradication of Acinetobacter baumannii/Enterobacter cloacae complex in an open proximal tibial fracture and closed drop foot correction with a multidisciplinary approach using the Taylor Spatial Frame®. A case report. In: European Journal of Medical Research 24:2 [PDF, 1MB]

Gleich, Johannes; Pfeufer, Daniel; Zeckey, Christian; Böcker, Wolfgang; Gosch, Markus; Kammerlander, Christian; Neuerburg, Carl (2019): Orthogeriatric treatment reduces potential inappropriate medication in older trauma patients: a retrospective, dual-center study comparing conventional trauma care and co-managed treatment. In: European Journal of Medical Research 24:4 [PDF, 932kB]

Becker, Christopher A.; Kammerlander, Christian; Cavalcanti Kußmaul, Adrian; Woiczinski, Matthias; Thorwächter, Christoph; Zeckey, Christian; Sommer, Fabian; Linhart, Christoph; Weidert, Simon; Suero, Eduardo M.; Böcker, Wolfgang; Greiner, Axel (2019): Modified less invasive anterior subcutaneous fixator for unstable Tile-C-pelvic ring fractures. A biomechanical study. In: Biomedical Engineering Online 18:38 [PDF, 1MB]

Macke, Christian; Sarakintsis, Marika; Winkelmann, Marcel; Mommsen, Philipp; Omar, Mohamed; Schröter, Christian; Krettek, Christian; Zeckey, Christian (2018): INFLUENCE OF ENTRAPMENT ON PREHOSPITAL MANAGEMENT AND THE HOSPITAL COURSE IN POLYTRAUMA PATIENTS: A RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS IN AIR RESCUE. In: Journal of Emergency Medicine, Vol. 54, No. 6: pp. 827-833

Omar, A.; Macke, C.; Winkelmann, M.; Beckmann, E.; Mommsen, P.; Schröter, C.; Krettek, C.; Zeckey, Christian (2018): Limited influence of blunt aortic injuries on the outcome of polytraumatized patients: a matched pair analysis. In: Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Vol. 138, No. 2: pp. 211-218

Siebenbürger, Georg; Zeckey, Christian; Fürmetz, Julian; Böcker, Wolfgang; Helfen, Tobias (2018): Medical speciality, medication or skills: key factors of prehospital joint reduction. A prospective, multicenter cohort study. In: European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, Vol. 44, No. 4: pp. 637-642

Becker, Christopher A.; Kammerlander, Christian; Kussmaul, Adrian Cavalcanti; Dotzauer, Fabian; Woiczinski, Matthias; Rubenbauer, Bianka; Sommer, Fabian; Linhart, Christoph; Weidert, Simon; Zeckey, Christian; Greiner, Axel (2018): Minimally invasive screw fixation is as stable as anterior plating in acetabular T-Type fractures - a biomechanical study. In: Orthopaedics & Traumatology-Surgery & Research, Vol. 104, No. 7: pp. 1055-1061

Eismann, Hendrik; Sieg, Lion; Etti, Nicola; Friedrich, Lars; Schröter, Christian; Mommsen, Philipp; Krettek, Christian; Zeckey, Christian (2017): Improved success rates using videolaryngoscopy in unexperienced users: a randomized crossover study in airway manikins. In: European Journal of Medical Research 22:27 [PDF, 911kB]

Falkenberg, Lisa; Zeckey, Christian; Mommsen, Philipp; Winkelmann, Marcel; Zelle, Boris A.; Panzica, Martin; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Krettek, Christian; Probst, Christian (2017): Long-term outcome in 324 polytrauma patients: what factors are associated with posttraumatic stress disorder and depressive disorder symptoms? In: European Journal of Medical Research 22:44 [PDF, 890kB]

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