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Journal article

Barsbai, Toman; Rapoport, Hillel; Steinmayr, Andreas; Trebesch, Christoph (July 2017): The Effect of Labor Migration on the Diffusion of Democracy. Evidence from a Former Soviet Republic. In: American Economic Journal-Applied Economics, Vol. 9, No. 3: pp. 36-69

Battisti, Michele; Felbermayr, Gabriel; Peri, Giovanni; Poutvaara, Panu (1. August 2018): Immigration, Search and Redistribution. A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare. In: Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 16, No. 4: pp. 1137-1188

Edo, Anthony; Öztunc, Jonathan; Poutvaara, Panu (2017): Immigration and Extreme Voting. Evidence from France. In: ifo DICE Report, Vol. 15, No. 4: pp. 28-33

Konrad, Kai A. (2008): Mobile tax base as a global common. In: International Tax and Public Finance, Vol. 15, No. 4: pp. 395-414

Sinn, Hans-Werner (May 2005): Migration and Social Replacement Incomes: How to Protect Low-IncomeWorkers in the Industrialized Countries against the Forces of Globalizationand Market Integration. In: International Tax and Public Finance, Vol. 12: pp. 375-393 [PDF, 344kB]


Boerner, Kira; Uebelmesser, Silke (November 2005): Migration and the Welfare State: The Economic Power of the Non-Voter? Discussion Papers in Economics 2005-24 [PDF, 190kB]

Börner, Kira; Uebelmesser, Silke (July 2005): Migration and the Welfare State: The Economic Power of the Non-Voter? SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 154 [PDF, 216kB]

Egger, Hartmut; Felbermayr, Gabriel (2007): Endogenous skill formation and the source country effects of international labor market integration. CESifo Working Paper,

Felbermayr, Gabriel; Flach, Lisandra (2010): Networks and Trade: Evidence from the Jewish Diaspora.

Felbermayr, Gabriel; Reczkowski, Isabella (2012): International Student Mobility and High-Skilled Migration: The Evidence. Ifo Working Paper,

Junge, Martin; Munk, Martin D.; Poutvaara, Panu (23. June 2015): International Migration of Couples. Discussion Papers in Economics 2015-12 [PDF, 524kB]

Konrad, Kai A. (2007): Mobile Tax Base as a Global Common. CESifo Working Paper, 2144

Monscheuer, Ole (10. November 2020): National Identity and the Integration of Second-Generation Immigrants. Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, Discussion Paper No. 262 [PDF, 799kB]

Piopiunik, Marc; Ruhose, Jens (24. March 2015): Immigration, Regional Conditions, and Crime: Evidence from an Allocation Policy in Germany. Discussion Papers in Economics 2015-3 [PDF, 435kB]

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