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Bartling, Björn; Fehr, Ernst; Fischer, Barbara; Kosse, Fabian; Maréchal, Michel; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm; Schunk, Daniel; Schupp, Jürgen; Spieß, C. Katharina; Wagner, Gert G. (2010): Determinanten kindlicher Geduld – Ergebnisse einer Experimentalstudie im Haushaltskontext. In: Journal of Contextual Economics - Schmollers Jahrbuch, Vol. 130, No. 3: pp. 297-323

Bauernschuster, Stefan; Hener, Timo; Rainer, Helmut (February 2017): When Labor Disputes Bring Cities to a Standstill. The Impact of Public Transit Strikes on Traffic, Accidents, Air Pollution, and Health. In: American Economic Journal-Economic Policy, Vol. 9, No. 1: pp. 1-37


Barron, Kai; Bradshaw, Debbie; Parry, Charles D. H.; Dorrington, Rob; Groenewald, Pam; Laubscher, Ria; Matzopoulos, Richard (21. January 2021): Alcohol and Short-Run Mortality: Evidence from a Modern-Day Prohibition. Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, Discussion Paper No. 273 [PDF, 955kB]

Komlos, John (July 2003): How to (and How Not to) Analyze Deficient Height Samples. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-12 Historical Methods, 37 [PDF, 90kB]

Komlos, John (July 2003): On the Biological Standard of Living of Eighteenth-Century Americans: Taller, Richer, Healthier. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-9 [PDF, 102kB]

Komlos, John; Artzrouni, Marc (July 2003): Un modèle démo-économique de la Révolution Industrielle. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-14 Economies & Sociétés, Série, Histoire économique quantitative, 30 [PDF, 70kB]

Komlos, John; Baten, Jörg (July 2003): Looking Backward and Looking Forward: Anthropometric Research and the Development of Social Science History. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-15 Social Science History, 28 [PDF, 126kB]

Komlos, John; Hau, Michel; Bourginat, Nicolas (July 2003): An Anthropometric History of Early-Modern France. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-10 [PDF, 208kB]

Komlos, John; Smith, Patricia K.; Bogin, Barry (July 2003): Obesity and the Rate of Time Preference: Is there a Connection? Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-16 Journal of Biosocial Science, 36 [PDF, 55kB]

MacMinn, Richard; Weber, Frederik (February 2009): Select Birth Cohorts. Discussion Papers in Business Administration 2009-3 [PDF, 644kB]

Stowasser, Till; Heiss, Florian; McFadden, Daniel; Winter, Joachim ORCID: 0000-0003-2460-619X (14. May 2014): "Healthy, wealthy, and wise?" revisited: An analysis of the causal pathways from socio-economic status to health. Discussion Papers in Economics 2014-15 [PDF, 242kB]

Stowasser, Till; Heiss, Florian; McFadden, Daniel; Winter, Joachim ORCID: 0000-0003-2460-619X (14. May 2014): Understanding the SES gradient in health among the elderly: The role of childhood circumstances. Discussion Papers in Economics 2014-16 [PDF, 188kB]

Wissmann, Daniel (17. July 2020): Finally a Smoking Gun. Discussion Papers in Economics 2020 [PDF, 3MB]

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