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Bassino, Jean-Pascal; Dovis, Marion; Komlos, John (2018): Biological well-being in late nineteenth-century Philippines. In: Cliometrica, Vol. 12, No. 1: pp. 33-60

Cantoni, Davide; Dittmar, Jeremiah; Yuchtman, Noam (1. November 2018): Religious Competition and Reallocation. The Political Economy of Secularization in the Protestant Reformation. In: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 133, No. 4: pp. 2037-2096

Cantoni, Davide; Hagemeister, Felix; Westcott, Mark (May 2018): Voting for the far right in Germany. In: Marin, Dalia (ed.) : Explaining Germany’s Exceptional Recovery. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research Press.


Cantoni, Davide; Chen, Yuyu; Yang, David Y.; Yuchtman, Noam; Zhang, Y. Jane (April 2017): Curriculum and Ideology. In: Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 125, No. 2: pp. 338-392

Cantoni, Davide; Dittmar, Jeremiah; Yuchtman, Noam (31. October 2017): The religious roots of the secular West. The Protestant Reformation and the allocation of resources in Europe. : CEPR Press; VoxEU

Cantoni, Davide; Hagemeister, Felix; Westcott, Mark (September 2017): Explaining the Alternative für Deutschland party’s electoral success. The shadow of Nazi voting voxEU column. : CEPR; voxEU

Cantoni, Davide; Yang, David Y.; Yuchtman, Noam (October 2017): Power to the People? China’s policy trilemma in Hong Kong. : LSE Management Blog


Bursztyn, Leonardo; Cantoni, Davide (March 2016): A Tear in the Iron Curtain. The Impact of Western Television on Consumption Behavior. In: Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 98, No. 1: pp. 25-41


Borchardt, Knut (2015): Eine Alternative zu Brünings Sparkurs? Zu Paul Köppens Erfindung französischer Kreditangebote. In: Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, Vol. 63, No. 2: pp. 229-240 [PDF, 150kB]

Cantoni, Davide (1. August 2015): The Economic Effects of the Protestant Reformation. Testing the Weber Hypothesis in the German Lands. In: Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 13, No. 4: pp. 561-598


Cantoni, Davide; Chen, Yuyu; Yang, David Y.; Yuchtman, Noam; Zhang, Y. Jane (May 2014): Curriculum and Ideology. [PDF, 1MB]

Cantoni, Davide; Yuchtman, Noam (2014): Medieval Universities, Legal Institutions, and the Commercial Revolution. In: QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, Vol. 129, No. 2: pp. 823-887


Cantoni, Davide; Yuchtman, Noam (2013): The political economy of educational content and development: Lessons from history. In: Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 104: pp. 233-244


Cantoni, Davide (2012): Adopting a New Religion: The Case of Protestantism in 16th Century Germany. In: Economic Journal, Vol. 122, No. 560: pp. 502-531

Cantoni, Davide; Yuchtman, Noam (January 2012): Educational Content, Educational Institutions and Economic Development: Lessons from History. Discussion Papers in Economics 2012-2 [PDF, 257kB]

Komlos, John (2012): A Three-Decade “Kuhnian” History of the Antebellum Puzzle: Explaining the shrinking of the US population at the onset of modern economic growth. Discussion Papers in Economics 2012-10 [PDF, 1MB]


Acemoglu, Daron; Cantoni, Davide; Johnson, Simon; Robinson, James A. (2011): The consequences of radical reform: The French revolution. In: American Economic Review, Vol. 101, No. 7: pp. 3286-3307


Komlos, John (20. April 2009): How useful is anthropometric history? Some reflections on Paul Hohenberg’s recent presidential address to the American Economic History Association. Discussion Papers in Economics 2009-6 [PDF, 41kB]


Komlos, John; Breitfelder, Ariane; Sunder, Marco (8. June 2008): The transition to Post-industrial BMI values among US children. Discussion Papers in Economics 2008-10 [PDF, 232kB]

Schneeweiß, Hans; Komlos, John (16. December 2008): Probabilistic Rounding and Sheppard's Correction. Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, No.45 [PDF, 381kB]


Brabec, Marek; Komlos, John (January 2007): Spatial Convergence in Height in East-Central Europe, 1890-1910. Discussion Papers in Economics 2007-3 [PDF, 153kB]


Komlos, John; Flandreau, Marc (November 2006): Using ARIMA Forecasts to Explore the Efficiency of the Forward Reichsmark Market: Austria-Hungary, 1876-1914. Discussion Papers in Economics 2006-34 Historical Social Research, 31 [PDF, 88kB]

Komlos, John; Lauderdale, Benjamin E. (November 2006): Underperformance in affluence: the remarkable relative decline in American heights in the second half of the 20th-century. Discussion Papers in Economics 2006-33 [PDF, 163kB]


Komlos, John (April 2005): On English Pygmies and Giants: the Physical Stature of English Youth in the late-18th and early-19th Centuries. Discussion Papers in Economics 2005-6 [PDF, 186kB]

Komlos, John; Cinnirella, Francesco (April 2005): European Heights in the Early 18th Century. Discussion Papers in Economics 2005-5 Economics and Human Biology [PDF, 132kB]

Salamon, Peter; Komlos, John (May 2005): The Poverty of Growth with Interdependent Utility Functions. Discussion Papers in Economics 2005-9 [PDF, 150kB]


Komlos, John; Lauderdale, Benjamin E. (December 2004): Spatial Correlates of U.S. Heights and BMIs, 2002. Discussion Papers in Economics 2004-24 Journal of Biosocial Science, 39 [PDF, 273kB]

Komlos, John; Meermann, Lukas (June 2004): The Introduction of Anthropometrics into Development and Labor Economics. Discussion Papers in Economics 2004-14 [PDF, 46kB]

Stoegbauer, Christian; Komlos, John (March 2004): Averting the Nazi Seizure of Power. A Counterfactual Thought Experiment. Discussion Papers in Economics 2004-3 European Review of Economic History, 8 [PDF, 316kB]


A'Hearn, Brian; Komlos, John (July 2003): Improvements in Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Truncated Normal Samples with Prior Knowledge of σ. A Simulation Based Study with Application to Historical Height Samples. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-8 [PDF, 112kB]

Flandreau, Marc; Komlos, John (July 2003): Target Zones in History and Theory: Lessons from an Austro-Hungarian Experiment (1896-1914). Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-18 Journal of Monetary Economics, 58 [PDF, 137kB]

Komlos, John (July 2003): The Industrial Revolution as the Escape from the Malthusian Trap. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-13 [PDF, 79kB]

Komlos, John (July 2003): How to (and How Not to) Analyze Deficient Height Samples. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-12 Historical Methods, 37 [PDF, 90kB]

Komlos, John (July 2003): On the Biological Standard of Living of Eighteenth-Century Americans: Taller, Richer, Healthier. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-9 [PDF, 102kB]

Komlos, John; Artzrouni, Marc (July 2003): Un modèle démo-économique de la Révolution Industrielle. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-14 Economies & Sociétés, Série, Histoire économique quantitative, 30 [PDF, 70kB]

Komlos, John; Baten, Jörg (July 2003): Looking Backward and Looking Forward: Anthropometric Research and the Development of Social Science History. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-15 Social Science History, 28 [PDF, 126kB]

Komlos, John; Baur, Marieluise (July 2003): From the Tallest to (One of) the Fattest: The Enigmatic Fate of the American Population in the 20th Century. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-19 [PDF, 124kB]

Komlos, John; Hau, Michel; Bourginat, Nicolas (July 2003): An Anthropometric History of Early-Modern France. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-10 [PDF, 208kB]

Komlos, John; Kriwy, Peter (July 2003): The Biological Standard of Living in the two Germanies. Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-11 [PDF, 69kB]

Komlos, John; Smith, Patricia K.; Bogin, Barry (July 2003): Obesity and the Rate of Time Preference: Is there a Connection? Discussion Papers in Economics 2003-16 Journal of Biosocial Science, 36 [PDF, 55kB]


Komlos, John; Flandreau, Marc (March 2002): Using ARIMA Forecasts to Explore the Efficiency of the Forward Reichsmark Market. Austria-Hungary, 1876-1914. Discussion Papers in Economics 2002-4 [PDF, 63kB]


Komlos, John; Artzrouni, Marc (1990): Mathematical Investigations of the Escape from the Malthusian Trap. In: Mathematical Population Studies, Vol. 2, No. 4: pp. 269-287 [PDF, 554kB]


Artzrouni, Marc; Komlos, John (1985): Population Growth Through History and the Escape from the Malthusian Trap. A Homoestatic Simulation Model. In: Genus, Vol. 41, No. 3-4: pp. 21-39 [PDF, 1MB]

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