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Dittrich, Jonathan (2017): The inadequacy of nontransitive solutions to paradox. 2016 European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic; Logic Colloqium ’16, July 31–August 6, 2016, Leeds, UK. [PDF, 85kB]

Fischer, Martin; Gratzl, Norbert (26. September 2017): Truth, Partial Logic and Infinitary Proof Systems. In: Studia Logica [PDF, 398kB]

Fischer, Martin; Nicolai, Carlo; Horsten, Leon (8. August 2017): Iterated reflection over full disquotational truth. In: Journal of Logic and Computation, exx023

Gratzl, Norbert; Orlandelli, Eugenio (2017): Double-line Harmony in a Sequent Setting. In: Arazim, Pavel; Lávička, Tomáš (Hrsg.): The Logica Yearbook 2016. London: College Publications. S. 157-171 [PDF, 282kB]

Gratzl, Norbert; Schiemer, Georg (13. April 2017): Two types of indefinites: Hilbert & Russell. In: IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications, Vol. 4, Nr. 2: S. 333-348 [PDF, 378kB]

Klein, Dominik; Roy, Olivier; Gratzl, Norbert (9. März 2017): Knowledge, belief, normality, and introspection. In: Synthese [PDF, 444kB]

Sagi, Gil (1. August 2017): Contextualism, Relativism and the Liar. In: Erkenntnis, Vol. 82, Nr. 4: S. 913-928 [PDF, 122kB]

Sagi, Gil (29. Mai 2017): Extensionality and logicality. In: Synthese [PDF, 193kB]


Abasnezhad, Ali (1. September 2016): How (Not) To Argue Against Vague Object. In: Metaphysica, Vol. 17, Nr. 2: S. 195-205 [PDF, 1MB]

Leitgeb, Hannes (2016): Imaging all the people. In: Episteme, Vol. 14, Nr. 4: S. 463-479 [PDF, 252kB]

Picollo, Lavinia (2016): Minimalism, Reference, and Paradoxes. In: Arazim, Pavel; Dancak, Michal (Hrsg.): The Logica Yearbook 2015. London: College Publications. S. 163-178 [PDF, 253kB]

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