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Seizl, Martin; Hartmann, Holger; Hoeg, Frederike; Kurth, Fabian; Martin, Dietmar E.; Söding, Johannes; Cramer, Patrick (September 2011): A Conserved GA Element in TATA-Less RNA Polymerase II Promoters.
In: PLOS ONE 6(11), e27595 [PDF, 988kB]


Lammens, Alfred; Baehner, Monika; Kohnert, Ulrich; Niewoehner, Jens; Proff, Leopold von; Schraeml, Michael; Lammens, Katja; Hopfner, Karl-Peter (2013): Crystal Structure of Human TWEAK in Complex with the Fab Fragment of a Neutralizing Antibody Reveals Insights into Receptor Binding.
In: PLOS ONE 8(5), e62697 [PDF, 1MB]

Mohr, Hermine; Mohr, Christian A.; Schneider, Marlon R.; Scrivano, Laura; Adler, Barbara; Kraner-Schreiber, Simone; Schnieke, Angelika; Dahlhoff, Maik; Wolf, Eckhard; Koszinowski, Ulrich H.; Ruzsics, Zsolt (2012): Cytomegalovirus replicon-based regulation of gene expression in vitro and in vivo.
In: PLOS Pathogens 8(6), e1002728 [PDF, 2MB]

Niederberger, Theresa; Etzold, Stefanie; Lidschreiber, Michael; Maier, Kerstin C.; Martin, Dietmar E.; Fröhlich, Holger; Cramer, Patrick; Tresch, Achim (2012): MC EMiNEM maps the interaction landscape of the Mediator.
In: PLOS Computational Biology 8(6), e1002568 [PDF, 775kB]


Helfer, Stephanie; Schott, Johanna; Stoecklin, Georg; Förstemann, Klaus (2012): AU-rich element-mediated mRNA decay can occur independently of the miRNA machinery in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and Drosophila S2-cells.
In: PLOS ONE 7(1), e28907 [PDF, 609kB]


Linkner, Joern; Witte, Gregor; Stradal, Theresia; Curth, Ute; Faix, Jan (2011): High-resolution X-ray structure of the trimeric Scar/WAVE-complex precursor Brk1.
In: PLOS ONE 6(6), e21327 [PDF, 808kB]

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