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Schiel, Florian (2004): MAUS Goes Iterative. 4th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Lissabon, Portugal, 26. - 28. Mai 2004. Lino, Maria Teresa (ed.) : In: Proceedings, Vol. 3 Paris: pp. 1015-1018 [PDF, 41kB]

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In this paper we describe further developments of the MAUS system and announce a free-ware software package that may be downloaded from the ’Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals’ (BAS) web site. The quality of the MAUS output can be considerably improved by using an iterative technique. In this mode MAUS will calculated a first pass through all the target speech material using the standard speaker-independent acoustical models of the target language. Then the segmented and labelled speech data are used to re-estimated the acoustical models and the MAUS procedure is applied again to the speech data using these speaker-dependent models. The last two steps are repeated iteratively until the segmentation converges. The paper describes the general algorithm, the German benchmark for evaluating the method as well as some experiments on German target speakers.

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