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Frey, Jörg (2008): '... that you see my glory' (John 17.24) - On the background, meaning and function of the John's speech of the Jesus. In: New Testament Studies, Vol. 54, No. 3: pp. 375-397 [PDF, 583kB]


The idea of dovxa is a crucial theme of the Fourth Gospel and a test case for scholarly approaches. Starting from two recent monographs, the article develops the central issues to be discussed. In debate with the approaches of Bultmann, Käsemann, and Bornkamm, it is shown that the Johannine narrative is focussed on the act of ‘glorification’ in Jesus’ hour, which the author considers foretold in Isaiah and in which the universal salvation is rooted. The Johannine image of Christ as revealing his glory during his earthly ministry is, therefore, a retrojection from the post-Easter perspective. Even more is the notion of his preexistent glory a final consequence rooted in the view of the glorification of the crucified one in his ‘hour’.

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