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Thurman, Neil; Cornia, Alessio and Kunert, Jessica (9. May 2016): Journalists in the UK. Oxford: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. [PDF, 2MB]

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Based on one of the most comprehensive surveys of UK journalists ever carried out, this report describes journalists’ personal characteristics, employment conditions, and working routines. It also analyses journalists’ opinions on: ethics, influences on their work, the trustworthiness of institutions such as parliament and the police, their role in society, and changes in journalism over time. The report includes findings on UK journalism’s: lack of ethnic diversity and of women in senior positions; modest pay, especially for young journalists; and changing employment patterns and working routines in the digital age. It also reveals how journalists, while believing their profession is changing significantly, remain committed to traditional journalistic values; that although they adhere closely to professional codes and standards, UK journalists push ethical boundaries more than some of their international colleagues; and that rather than living up to the stereotype of the cynical hack, journalists in the UK are relatively trusting.

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