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Meißner, Franz-Joseph (December 2017): The Core Vocabulary of Romance Plurilingualism: the CVRP-project. In: Ambrosch-Baroua, Tina; Kropp, Amina; Müller-Lancé, Johannes (eds.) : Mehrsprachigkeit und Ökonomie. Open Publishing LMU, München: Universitätsbibliothek der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. pp. 91-106


The Core Vocabulary of Romance Plurilingualism is a data base comprising four Romance target languages, English and German. Its scope is fostering plurilingual reading skills. Often, reading is the first step to develop an overall performance profile including listening, writing and speaking. That is why CVRP learning apps, fed by the CVRP inventory, are efficient tools for acquiring a plurilingual reading competence.1 Starting from some explanations about frequency word lists and intercomprehension related foreign language learning theory, the paper presents the CVRP database and the learning apps. The main benchmarks are, aside from the electronic architecture: (1) the identification of a partially shared common Romance core vocabulary of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, (2) the construction of interlingual series grouping words according to their semantic adequacy, (3) categorizations pertaining to relevant pedagogical criteria: (3a) frequency range, (3b) didactic expertise, (3c) interlingual transparency or opacity, (3d) supplementary information about synonyms, (3e) additionally to the target vocabulary, its equivalents in English, German and the etyma (mostly Latin), (3f) a list of Romance interligalexes.2 The app structure triggers word-learning strategies through interlingually comparing forms, significations and functions. Aspects of potential linguistic and educational research and of usage are not excluded