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Haußmann, Annette; Klement, Teresa and Kühner-Graßmann, Claudia (March 2018): Pastoraltheologie als praktisch-theologische Wissenschaft. Reflexionen über eine Meta-Theorie am Beispiel neuerer Ansätze zur Pastoraltheologie. In: Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche (ZThK), Vol. 115, No. 1: pp. 71-97

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The discipline of pastoral theology has always held a special position within practical theology. Accordingly, pastoral theology's literature deals with aspects of practical advice as well as reflections on intention. The encyclopaedic location and status of these elements as an academic sub-discipline of practical theology are discussed here in light of four recent approaches, comparing their understanding of pastoral theology, intent and target audience. This essay's aim is to understand the extent to which this constitutes a framework for deliberating the scientific character of pastoral theology, allowing it to maintain its proximity to practice and its exceptional status to remain intact.

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