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Fröhlich, Romy and Baudisch, Sabine (May 2016): Far from Fifty-Fifty. Legal Measures and the Relative Lack of Women in Powerful Decision-Making Positions in Germany’s Broadcasting Sector. In: Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Vol. 60, No. 2: pp. 305-330

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A gender-equal organization of institutions requires adequately qualified women to be equally present on every hierarchical/functional level. In light of this, the authors evaluate how women participate in leading managerial and supervisory positions of administrative relevance, i.e., beyond editorial departments, in public and private broadcasting corporations and organizations in Germany. The study comprises an examination and comparison of existing legal requirements/regulations for gender equality on the supervisory councils of Germany’s broadcasting corporations/organizations and contributes to the analysis on the contemporary politics of gender in Germany’s broadcasting sector. It is the first study of its kind.

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