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Beck, Ulrich (2016): Varieties of Second Modernity and the Cosmopolitan Vision. In: Theory Culture & Society, Vol. 33, No. 7-8: pp. 257-270 [PDF, 166kB]


This text was prepared for presentation in Nagoya, Japan, in 2010. Its aim was to explore a dialogue with Asians toward a cosmopolitan sociology. Beginning from the idea of entangled modernities which threaten their own foundations, Ulrich Beck advocated a complete conceptual innovation of sociology in order to better comprehend the fundamental fragility and mutability of societal dynamics shaped by the globalization of capital and risks today. More specifically, he proposed a cosmopolitan turn of sociology: first, by criticizing methodological nationalism;second, by introducing the concept of cosmopolitization;third, by re-mapping social inequalities;fourth, by discussing risk society in the context of East Asian development;and fifth and finally, by proposing a cosmopolitan vision. Along this line, Beck attempted an overview of the researches done on second modern transformation in East Asia and suggested that an active dialogue may be possible when Asians begin to see the West from their perspectives rather than being caught in the Euro-centric and West-hegemonic presuppositions.

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