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Scherr, Sebastian and Baugut, Philip (2016): The Meaning of Leaning. The Impact of Journalists' Political Leaning on Active Role Perception and Satisfaction With Audiences and Editorial Policy. In: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol. 93, No. 1: pp. 142-163 [PDF, 149kB]


Based on the subset of a representative survey of journalists with an active role perception in Germany, this article shows that more liberal journalists within the subset have (a) a more active role conception than more conservative journalists, (b) they perceive stronger discrepancies between their active role and its fulfillment, and (c) they are, thus, less satisfied with audiences and editorial policy. The indirect effect of the political leaning of this subset of journalists on their satisfaction with audiences and editorial policy underlines the significance of intrinsic factors for subdimensions of job satisfaction in journalism.

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