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Schneider, Martin; Vogt, Markus (2017): Responsible resilience: Rekonstruktion der Normativität von Resilienz auf Basis einer responsiven Ethik. In: Gaia-Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, Vol. 26: pp. 174-181
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Within many practical, professional and political fields, resilience has become a normative, barely questioned orientation principle, yet it has not been the subject of explicit reflection. The following considerations aim to contribute to closing this gap without assuming a dichotomy between the functional and the normative levels. Resilience is understood as a process whose focus is the response to upheaval and problems. The ability to respond, then, is the starting point from which the normative aspects of resilience can be more clearly brought out and connected to conceptual differences (simple and reflective resilience;specific and general resilience) within resilience discourse. This is grounded in Bernhard Waldenfels' idea of responsive ethics. Our concept seeks to provide greater understanding of the term "responsible resilience" and bring up the normativity of resilience in a reflective, non-dichotomous way.