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Jagodzinski, H.; Moritz, Wolfgang; Wolf, D. (1978): Diffuse LEED intensities of disordered crystal surfaces : I. Correlations between statistics and multiple diffraction. In: Surface Science, Vol. 77, No. 2: pp. 233-248


It is shown that the diffraction of slow electrons from disordered crystal surfaces is correlated with the problem of thermodynamical statistics. The correlation functions are completely determined by the self-energies and interaction energies of neighboring complexes. These quantities solve the problem of a-priori probabilities and the cooperative phenomenon of correlation functions of these complexes. If the calculation of a certain set of multiple scattering amplitudes is possible, the remaining problem of determining the diffuse LEED pattern becomes solvable. The calculation of angular beam profiles follows the same lines as already described for the kinematic theory of X-ray diffraction.