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Isépy, Peter (2015): Fragmente aus dem „Pandektes“ des Antiochos Monachos in der Palimpsesthandschrift Collegio Greco 2. In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift, Vol. 108, No. 1: pp. 115-128


Codex 2 of the Greek manuscript collection of the Pontificio Collegio Greco in Rome, copied around the end of the first quarter of the 12th c., contains the commentary of Gregory of Corinth (~1070 -1156) on the Canons of Kosmas the Hymnographer and John of Damascus on the main festivals of the Byzantine ecclesiastical year. At the end of the manuscript we find ten palimpsest leaves originally written in the 9th/10th c. in a „maiuscola ogivale inclinata“. Up to now, only a general identification of the scriptio inferior with the Pandectes Scripturae Sacrae of Antiochos Monachos (7th c.) has been established. The present article aims to determine the exact extension of the „Pandectes“ transmitted in fragmentary form in the Coll. gr. 2 and offers a reconstruction of the original leaf order in the codex antiquior.