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Arendt, Florian; Marquart, Franziska (November 2015): Corrupt politicians? Media priming effects on overtly expressed stereotypes toward politicians. In: Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, Vol. 40, No. 2: pp. 185-197


We investigated the attribute agenda-setting (AAS) effect of political advertising. Individuals (N = 209) participated in an experiment and were exposed to six political print advertisements, which were manipulated to represent either a text-only, visual-only, or visual-plus-text version. As expected, we found that AAS led to association effects in which advertising content strengthened mental links between the party and advertised issues. However, we also present evidence for disassociation effects in which non-advertised issues were mentally delinked from the party. Importantly, AAS was dependent on the modality of presentation with information presented verbally plus visually (dual-modal presentation) eliciting the strongest effects. Furthermore, the strength of the AAS effect predicted voting intentions for that party, but only in those who rated the advertisements favorably. We discuss the present study’s contribution to the AAS literature with regard to association and disassociation effects, modality of presentation, and AAS’s consequences on voting.