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Witetschek, Stephan (2018): Peter in corinth? A review of the evidence from 1 corinthians. In: Journal of Theological Studies, Vol. 69: pp. 66-82
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The claim made by Dionysius of Corinth (Euseb., Hist. Eccl. 2.25.8) that both Peter and Paul had founded the Christian community in Corinth is not supported by Paul's statements in 1 Corinthians (esp. 1 Cor. 3:6). On the other hand, Paul mentions Peter/Cephas several times in 1 Corinthians (1:12;3:22;9:5;15:5). This has given rise to the question whether Peter might not have come to Corinth at some point during the 'unknown' period of his life in the 50s of the first century. This essay weighs the different interpretations of the evidence that have been brought forward during the last century and concludes that a positive answer to the question is more probable. This allows more nuanced insights into the working of Christian local memory that eventually led to Dionysius' claim.