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Wimmer, Jeffrey and Wolf, Susanne (May 2005): Development journalism out of date? An analysis of its significance in journalism education at African universities. Munich Contributions to Communication 3 [PDF, 383kB]


The mass media occupy a central position within the processes of social change in Africa. Since successful journalism education can be formative for the further development of the African communication sector, the authors investigate the borderland of theoretical systematisation and empirical research of journalism. This is carried out via the following steps: (1) Firstly, the theoretical and practical basis of the phenomenon of development journalism is exposed and it is referred to its connection to journalism education in Africa. (2) Through the evaluation of African journalism education on the basis of training locations and programmes, the authors are able to pursue the question, which position development journalism takes in current journalism education. (3) The preliminary results show an expansion and differentiation in journalism education in Africa. In principle, this is a positive process, which, however, does not take place to a high extent.

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