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Reinecke, Leonard; Klimmt, Christoph; Meier, Adrian; Reich, Sabine; Hefner, Dorothee; Knop-Huelss, Katharina; Rieger, Diana; Vorderer, Peter (2018): Permanently online and permanently connected: Development and validation of the Online Vigilance Scale.
In: PLOS One 13(10), e0205384
Creative Commons Attribution 1MB


Smartphones and other mobile devices have fundamentally changed patterns of Internet use in everyday life by making online access constantly available. The present paper offers a theoretical explication and empirical assessment of the concept of online vigilance, referring to users' permanent cognitive orientation towards online content and communication as well as their disposition to exploit these options constantly. Based on four studies, a validated and reliable self-report measure of online vigilance was developed. In combination, the results suggest that the Online Vigilance Scale (OVS) shows a stable factor structure in various contexts and user populations and provides future work in communication, psychology, and other social sciences with a new measure of the individual cognitive orientation towards ubiquitous online communication.