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Ensfelder, Timm T.; Kurz, Matthias Q.; Iwan, Katharina; Geiger, Simon; Matheisl, Sarah; Müller, Markus; Beckmann, Roland; Carell, Thomas (2018): ALKBH5-induced demethylation of mono- and dimethylated adenosine. In: Chemical Communications, Vol. 54, No. 62: pp. 8591-8593
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


RNA contains methylated A-base derivatives. A methylation to m(6)A and then demethylation regulate homeostasis in mRNA. It is assumed that m(6)A is mainly demethylated by the -ketoglutarate dependent oxidase ALKBH5. Here we show that ALKBH5 also demethylates the dimethylated adenosine m(2)(6)A, which is a non-canonical base present in ribosomal RNA.