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Berensmeyer, Ingo; Buelens, Gert and Demoor, Marysa (2012): Authorship as Cultural Performance: New Perspectives in Authorship Studies. In: Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik (ZAA), Vol. 60, No. 1: pp. 5-29

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This article proposes a performative model of authorship, based on the historical alternation between predominantly `weak' and `strong' author concepts and related practices of writing, publication and reading. Based on this model, we give a brief overview of the historical development of such author concepts in English literature from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. We argue for a more holistic approach to authorship within a cultural topography, comprising social contexts, technological and media factors, and other cultural developments, such as the distinction between privacy and the public sphere.

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