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Mazzier, Daniela; De, Soumen; Wicher, Barbara; Maurizot, Victor and Huc, Ivan (2020): Parallel Homochiral and Anti‐Parallel Heterochiral Hydrogen‐Bonding Interfaces in Multi‐Helical Abiotic Foldamers. In: Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, Vol. 59, No. 4: pp. 1606-1610 [PDF, 2MB]


A hydrogen‐bonding interface between helical aromatic oligoamide foldamers has been designed to promote the folding of a helix‐turn‐helix motif with a head‐to‐tail arrangement of two helices of opposite handedness. This design complements an earlier helix‐turn‐helix motif with a head‐to‐head arrangement of two helices of identical handedness interface. The two motifs were shown to have comparable stability and were combined in a unimolecular tetra‐helix fold constituting the largest abiotic tertiary structure to date.

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