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Van Elverdinghe, Emmanuel (11. August 2017): Grigor Murłanecʻi’s Gospel Book: The Story of a Lost Manuscript and Its Tradition. Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes 14th General Conference, 10. - 12. August 2017, Oxford, Vereinigtes Königreich.
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A handful of Armenian Gospel Books, ranging from the 12th to the early 14th century, refer in their colophons to an exemplar by a certain Grigor Murłanec‘i, “artful scribe and invincible scholar”. Who was this copyist, unknown to any other source, and what were the distinctive features of his manuscript, contributing to its popularity as a “choice and reliable model”? An integrated approach to the manuscript tradition helps answer these questions by taking into account the manuscripts’ iconography, textual peculiarities, and colophons, as well as the historical circumstances surrounding their production. Furthermore, exploring this tradition sheds new light on the Armenian scribal activity in and around Edessa, while also revealing connections between remote copying centres. Such an enquiry highlights the potential of a careful and comprehensive examination of the multifaceted evidence offered by manuscript codices for enriching our knowledge and understanding of cultural networks in Mediaeval and Early Modern Armenia.