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Elmezeny, Ahmed; Wimmer, Jeffrey; Oliveira dos Santos, Manoella; Orlova, Ekaterina; Tribusean, Irina and Antonova, Anna (2018): Same but Different: A Comparative Content Analysis of Trolling in Russian and Brazilian Gaming Imageboards. In: Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research, Vol. 18, No. 2

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In this study we explore how perceived out-of-game trolling differs within online gaming imageboards in Brazil and Russia. The two samples consist of 1443 posts from two Brazilians message boards (/jo/ and /lan) on 55chan and 1439 posts from the /v/ message board on the Russian 2ch. Both imageboards are local adaptations of 4chan. We analyzed the material from a comparative transcultural perspective. For the content analysis of message boards, we utilized a codebook based on trolling strategies developed by Hardaker (2013), which we supplemented with inductive categories derived during the coding process. Our research shows that there are similarities in the methods of trolling in Brazil and Russian imageboards, as well as in the topics which trigger attacks. Our findings suggest that trolling in both communities does not differ much and tends to be more homogeneous; adhering to a seemingly transcultural standard.

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