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Heindl, Fabian (February 2021): The Role of Narrative Structures and Contextual Information in Digital Interactive 3D Testimonies. In: Georg-Eckert-Institut – Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung (ed.) , Interaktive 3D-Zeugnisse von Holocaust-Überlebenden. Chancen und Grenzen einer innovativen Technologie. Eckert. Dossiers, 1. pp. 111-129 [PDF, 497kB]


This article explores the role of narrative structures and contextual information in the development and implementation of digital interactive 3D testimonies. Based on considerations associated with other testimonial formats and the discourse surrounding them, it will be argued that the conceptual nature of digital interactive 3D testimonies leads to the circumstance that they lack a coherent original narrative when reduced to their interactive elements. Instead, individual audience decisions could lead to the construction of different individual narratives. However, this paper will show that this is not necessarily the outcome for all forms of interaction. Instead, multiple different scenarios are imaginable, varying greatly in the quantity and depth of interaction between testimony and audience. The provision of contextual information may further the goal of enabling audiences to independently interact with a digital interactive 3D testimony and, thus, enhance the overall experience and the likelihood of individual narratives emerging. Overall, these findings are meant to assist the future development and implementation of digital interactive 3D testimonies, and also to provide new theoretical insights into the format for researchers involved in the field of oral history.

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