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Ghodgaonkar-Steger, Medini; Potocnjak, Mia; Zimniak, Tomasz; Fischböck-Halwachs, Josef; Solis-Mezarino, Victor; Singh, Sylvia; Speljko, Tea; Hagemann, Götz; Drexler, David Jan; Witte, Gregor; Herzog, Franz ORCID: 0000-0001-8270-1449 (2020): C-Terminal Motifs of the MTW1 Complex Cooperatively Stabilize Outer Kinetochore Assembly in Budding Yeast. In: Cell reports, Vol. 32, No. 13, 108190
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Kinetochores are macromolecular protein assemblies at centromeres that mediate accurate chromosome segregation during cell division. The outer kinetochore KNL1SPC105, MIS12MTW1, and NDC80NDC80 complexes assemble the KMN network, which harbors the sites of microtubule binding and spindle assembly checkpoint signaling. The buildup of the KMN network that transmits microtubule pulling forces to budding yeast point centromeres is poorly understood. Here, we identify 225 inter-protein crosslinks by mass spectrometry on KMN complexes isolated from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that delineate the KMN subunit connectivity for outer kinetochore assembly. C-Terminal motifs of Nsl1 and Mtw1 recruit the SPC105 complex through Kre28, and both motifs aid tethering of the NDC80 complex by the previously reported Dsn1 C terminus. We show that a hub of three C-terminal MTW1 subunit motifs mediates the cooperative stabilization of the KMN network, which is augmented by a direct NDC80-SPC105 association.