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Münch, Anne (2020): Räume des Pflegens. Räumliche Herausforderungen in der informellen Pflege von Menschen mit Demenz qualitativ erforscht. In: Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie, Vol. 53, No. 5: pp. 389-394

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With respect to the diversity of age and aging, dementia poses a key challenge in our present long living society. In this respect dementia is not only a challenge for those who are diagnosed with dementia but also for their long-term caregivers. The majority of people with dementia receive care from close relatives, such as life partners in their own four walls;however, what is often a stroke of luck for the person with dementia, often means a lot of strain and spatial restrictions for the caring relative. With a praxeologically guided perspective on nursing, this article focuses on the subjective experiences of caregiving partners and examines the sociospatial challenges within this specific care situation. The empirical database is generated through qualitative interviews with 16 retired men and women from Germany (aged 64-95 years) who were analyzed considering grounded theory methodology and situational analyses. The results show that there are two specific arenas of dementia care, within which the interplay of different actors, artefacts, affects and spaces generates specific challenges that have an impact not only on the daily caring routines but also the aging of the caregiving relatives.

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