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Libman, Alexander (2020): Eurasian regionalism and the WTO: a building block or a stumbling stone? In: Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 33: pp. 246-264

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The goal of this paper is to investigate how the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union (and of the Customs Union, its predecessor organisation) affected the way Eurasian countries interact with the WTO. There exists a large literature on the tensions between the regional economic integration and the multilateral trade system;adjusting its arguments for the case of the post-Soviet Eurasia, I ask whether establishment of the CU/EAEU reduced the interest of Eurasian countries towards the WTO membership, constrained them in the WTO negotiations or affected their commitments towards the WTO. For the first two questions, I find that the CU/EAEU did not make WTO membership less desirable or feasible. My findings with respect to the third question are ambiguous. Overall, the paper concludes that Eurasian regionalism does not constitute a major constraint for the Eurasian countries' participation in the multilateral trade system (at least for the large countries).

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