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Schroeder, Jette and Schmiedeberg, Claudia (2023): Effects of Partner Presence During the Interview on Survey Responses: The Example of Questions Concerning the Division of Household Labor. In: Sociological Methods & Research, Vol. 52, No. 2: pp. 933-955 [PDF, 239kB]


Despite the fact that third parties are present during a substantial amount of face-to-face interviews, bystander influence on respondents' response behavior is not yet fully understood. We use nine waves of the German Family Panel pairfam and apply fixed effects panel regression models to analyze effects of third-party presence on items regarding the sharing of household tasks between partners. We find that both male and female respondents report doing a smaller share of household tasks when their partner is present during the interview as compared to when their partner is not present. Similarly, if the respondent's partner is present, both partners' reports correspond more, so that they are less prone to resulting in unrealistically high sums. These results indicate that for items concerning household labor, partner presence does not compromise data quality but may in fact improve it.

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