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Balme, Christopher (2021): Covid, Crisis and Prognosis: Prospecting the Future of Theatre. In: Forum Modernes Theater, Vol. 32, No. 2: pp. 178-191

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In this article I discuss the current Covid-19 crisis in relation to an intensified reflection about the future of theatre. The argument proceeds via a review of crisis theory to a discussion of recent research into futurity, especially the idea of prospection. Specifically, I shall examine the interrelationship between crisis and prognosis as it pertains to theatre and the performing arts. Material is drawn froma database currently being assembled within the framework of the research project Krisengefuge der Kunste which is collating public discourse on how the pandemic is affecting the performing arts. A comparison is made between discourses in the UK and Germany which leads to some final reflections on how such discussions may impact on the institutional legitimacy of publicly funded theatre.

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