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Loerbroks, Adrian; Weigl, Matthias; Li, Jian und Angerer, Peter: Effort-reward imbalance and perceived quality of patient care: a cross-sectional study among physicians in Germany. In: BMC Public Health 2016, 16:342 [PDF, 518kB]

Limm, Heribert; Heinmüller, Mechthild; Gündel, Harald; Liel, Katrin; Seeger, Karin; Salman, Ramazan und Angerer, Peter (2015): Effects of a Health Promotion Program Based on a Train-the-Trainer Approach on Quality of Life and Mental Health of Long-Term Unemployed Persons. In: Biomed Research International, 719327 [PDF, 1MB]

Degen, Christiane; Weigl, Matthias; Glaser, Jürgen; Li, Jian und Angerer, Peter: The impact of training and working conditions on junior doctors' intention to leave clinical practice. In: BMC Medical Education 2014, 14:119 [PDF, 233kB]

Weigl, Matthias; Müller, Andreas; Angerer, Peter und Hoffmann, Florian: Workflow interruptions and mental workload in hospital pediatricians: an observational study. In: BMC Health Services Research 2014, 14:433 [PDF, 223kB]

Weigl, Matthias; Hornung, Severin; Angerer, Peter; Siegrist, Johannes und Glaser, Juergen: The effects of improving hospital physicians working conditions on patient care: a prospective, controlled intervention study. In: BMC Health Services Research 2013, 13:401 [PDF, 224kB]

Limm, Heribert; Heinmueller, Mechthild; Liel, Katrin; Seeger, Karin; Guendel, Harald; Kimil, Ahmet und Angerer, Peter: Factors associated with differences in perceived health among German long-term unemployed. In: BMC Public Health 2012, 12:485 [PDF, 323kB]

Weigl, Matthias; Müller, Andreas; Zupanc, Andrea; Glaser, Jürgen und Angerer, Peter (Juni 2011): Hospital doctors' workflow interruptions and activities: an observation study. In: BMJ quality & safety, Vol. 20, Nr. 6: S. 491-497 [PDF, 162kB]

Limm, Heribert; Gündel, Harald; Heinmüller, Mechthild; Marten-Mittag, Birgitt; Nater, Urs M.; Siegrist, Johannes und Angerer, Peter (Februar 2011): Stress management interventions in the workplace improve stress reactivity: a randomised controlled trial. In: Occupational and environmental medicine, Vol. 68, Nr. 2: S. 126-133 [PDF, 203kB]

Limm, Heribert; Angerer, Peter; Heinmueller, Mechthild; Marten-Mittag, Birgitt; Nater, Urs M. und Guendel, Harald: Self-perceived stress reactivity is an indicator of psychosocial impairment at the workplace. In: BMC Public Health 2010, 10:252 [PDF, 673kB]

Weigl, Matthias; Mueller, Andreas; Zupanc, Andrea und Angerer, Peter: Participant observation of time allocation, direct patient contact and simultaneous activities in hospital physicians. In: BMC Health Services Research 2009, 9:110 [PDF, 298kB]

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