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Keppler, M.; Teague, R.; Bae, J.; Benisty, M.; Henning, T.; van Boekel, R.; Chapillon, E.; Pinilla, P.; Williams, J. P.; Bertrang, G. H. -M.; Facchini, S.; Flock, M.; Ginski, Ch.; Juhasz, A.; Klahr, H.; Liu, Y.; Müller, A.; Perez, L. M.; Pohl, A.; Rosotti, G.; Samland, M.; Semenov, D. (2019): Highly structured disk around the planet host PDS70 revealed by high-angular resolution observations with ALMA. In: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 625, A118

Keppler, M.; Benisty, M.; Müller, A.; Henning, Th.; Boekel, R. van; Cantalloube, F.; Ginski, C.; Holstein, R. G. van; Maire, A. -L.; Pohl, A.; Samland, M.; Avenhaus, H.; Baudino, J. -L.; Boccaletti, A.; Bör, J. de; Bonnefoy, M.; Chauvin, G.; Desidera, S.; Langlois, M.; Lazzoni, C.; Marleau, G. -D.; Mordasini, C.; Pawellek, N.; Stolker, T.; Vigan, A.; Zurlo, A.; Birnstiel, T.; Brandner, W.; Feldt, M.; Flock, M.; Girard, J.; Gratton, R.; Hagelberg, J.; Isella, A.; Janson, M.; Juhasz, A.; Kemmer, J.; Kral, Q.; Lagrange, A. -M.; Launhardt, R.; Matter, A.; Menard, F.; Milli, J.; Molliere, P.; Olofsson, J.; Perez, L.; Pinilla, P.; Pinte, C.; Quanz, S. P.; Schmidt, T.; Udry, S.; Wahhaj, Z.; Williams, J. P.; Buenzli, E.; Cudel, M.; Dominik, C.; Galicher, R.; Kasper, M.; Lannier, J.; Mesa, D.; Mouillet, D.; Peretti, S.; Perrot, C.; Salter, G.; Sissa, E.; Wildi, F.; Abe, L.; Antichi, J.; Augereau, J. -C.; Baruffolo, A.; Baudoz, P.; Bazzon, A.; Beuzit, J. -L.; Blanchard, P.; Brems, S. S.; Buey, T.; De Caprio, V.; Carbillet, M.; Carle, M.; Cascone, E.; Cheetham, A.; Claudi, R.; Costille, A.; Delboulbe, A.; Dohlen, K.; Fantinel, D.; Feautrier, P.; Fusco, T.; Giro, E.; Gluck, L.; Gry, C.; Hubin, N.; Hugot, E.; Jaquet, M.; Le Mignant, D.; Llored, M.; Madec, F.; Magnard, Y.; Martinez, P.; Maurel, D.; Meyer, M.; Möller-Nilsson, O.; Moulin, T.; Mugnier, L.; Origne, A.; Pavlov, A.; Perret, D.; Petit, C.; Pragt, J.; Puget, P.; Rabou, P.; Ramose, J.; Rigal, F.; Rochat, S.; Roelfsema, R.; Rousset, G.; Roux, A.; Salasnich, B.; Sauvage, J. -F.; Sevin, A.; Soenke, C.; Stadler, E.; Suarez, M.; Turatto, M.; Weber, L. (2018): Discovery of a planetary-mass companion within the gap of the transition disk around PDS 70. In: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 617, A44

Schiffer, B.; Amelung, T.; Pohl, A.; Kärgel, C.; Tenbergen, G.; Gerwinn, H.; Mohnke, S.; Massau, C.; Matthias, W.; Weiss, S.; Marr, V.; Beier, K. M.; Walter, M.; Ponseti, J.; Krüger, T. H. C.; Schiltz, K.; Walter, H. (2017): Gray matter anomalies in pedophiles with and without a history of child sexual offending. In: Translational Psychiatry, Vol. 7, e1129

Pohl, A.; Benisty, M.; Pinilla, P.; Ginski, C.; Boer, J. de; Avenhaus, H.; Henning, Th.; Zurlo, A.; Boccaletti, A.; Augereau, J.-C.; Birnstiel, T.; Dominik, C.; Facchini, S.; Fedele, D.; Janson, M.; Keppler, M.; Kral, Q.; Langlois, M.; Ligi, R.; Maire, A.-L.; Menard, F.; Meyer, M.; Pinte, C.; Quanz, S. P.; Sauvage, J.-F.; Sezestre, E.; Stolker, T.; Szulagyi, J.; Boekel, R. van; Plas, G. van der; Villenave, M.; Baruffolo, A.; Baudoz, P.; Le Mignant, D.; Maurel, D.; Ramos, J.; Weber, L. (2017): The Circumstellar Disk HD 169142: Gas, Dust, and Planets Acting in Concert? In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 850, No. 1, 52

Pinilla, P.; Pohl, A.; Stammler, S. M.; Birnstiel, T. (2017): Dust Density Distribution and Imaging Analysis of Different Ice Lines in Protoplanetary Disks. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 845, No. 1, 68

Hubertus, J.; Pohl, A.; Schmid, I.; Schweinitz, D. von (2016): Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy is Feasible for Suspected Adrenal Tumors in Children Younger than 24 Months of Age - But is it Always Justified? In: Klinische Padiatrie, Vol. 228, No. 3: pp. 135-138

Pohl, A.; Erichsen, M.; Stehr, M.; Hubertus, J.; Bergmann, F.; Kammer, B.; Schweinitz, D. von (2016): Image-defined Risk Factors Correlate with Surgical Radicality and Local Recurrence in Patients with Neuroblastoma. In: Klinische Padiatrie, Vol. 228, No. 3: pp. 118-123

Pohl, A.; Jakob, M.; Komm, T.; Hubertus, J.; Schweinitz, D. von (2016): Lymphatic Leakage (LL) after Neuroblastoma Surgery - is it Really a Rare Condition? In: Pediatric Blood & Cancer, Vol. 63: S76-S76

Pohl, A.; Petersen, C.; Kammer, B.; Schweinitz, D. von (2016): Angeborene Lungenfehlbildungen. In: Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Vol. 164, No. 10: pp. 869-874

Fidler, N.; Sauerwald, Thorsten; Pohl, A.; Demmelmair, Hans; Koletzko, Berthold (2000): Docosahexaenoic acid transfer into human milk after dietary supplementation: a randomized clinical trial. In: Journal of lipid research, Vol. 41, No. 9: pp. 1376-1383

Fidler, N.; Sauerwald, T.; Demmelmair, Hans; Pohl, A.; Koletzko, Berthold (1999): Oxidation of an oil rich in docosahexaenoic acid compared to linoleic acid in lactating women. In: Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, Vol. 43, No. 6: pp. 339-345 [PDF, 318kB]

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