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Westerhausen, Christoph; Schnitzler, Lukas G.; Wendel, Dominik; Krzyszton, Rafal; Lächelt, Ulrich; Wagner, Ernst; Rädler, Joachim O. und Wixforth, Achim (2016): Controllable Acoustic Mixing of Fluids in Microchannels for the Fabrication of Therapeutic Nanoparticles. In: Micromachines, Vol. 7, Nr. 9, 150 [PDF, 4MB]

Schreiber, Christoph; Segerer, Felix J.; Wagner, Ernst; Roidl, Andreas und Rädler, Joachim O. (2016): Ring-Shaped Microlanes and Chemical Barriers as a Platform for Probing Single-Cell Migration. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 6, 26858 [PDF, 811kB]

Wuttke, Stefan; Braig, Simone; Preiß, Tobias; Zimpel, Andreas; Sicklinger, Johannes; Bellomo, Claudia; Rädler, Joachim O.; Vollmar, Angelika M. und Bein, Thomas (2015): MOF nanoparticles coated by lipid bilayers and their uptake by cancer cells. In: Chemical Communications, Vol. 51, Nr. 87: S. 15752-15755 [PDF, 2MB]

Ferizi, Mehrije; Leonhardt, Carolin; Meggle, Christian; Aneja, Manish K.; Rudolph, Carsten; Plank, Christian und Rädler, Joachim O. (2015): Stability analysis of chemically modified mRNA using micropattern-based single-cell arrays. In: Lab on a Chip, Vol. 15, Nr. 17: S. 3561-3571 [PDF, 4MB]

Röttgermann, Peter J. F.; Piera Alberola, Alicia und Rädler, Joachim O. (2. Januar 2014): Cellular self-organization on micro-structured surfaces. In: Soft Matter, Vol. 10, Nr. 14: S. 2397-2404 [PDF, 835kB]

Marel, Anna-Kristina; Podewitz, Nils; Zorn, Matthias; Rädler, Joachim O. und Elgeti, Jens (2014): Alignment of cell division axes in directed epithelial cell migration. In: New Journal of Physics, Vol. 16, 115005 [PDF, 1MB]

Menhofer, Magdalena H.; Kubisch, Rebekka; Schreiner, Laura; Zorn, Matthias; Foerster, Florian; Mueller, Rolf; Rädler, Joachim O.; Wagner, Ernst; Vollmar, Angelika M. und Zahler, Stefan (2014): The Actin Targeting Compound Chondramide Inhibits Breast Cancer Metastasis via Reduction of Cellular Contractility.
In: PLOS ONE 9(11), e112542 [PDF, 1MB]

Ligon, Thomas S.; Leonhardt, Carolin und Rädler, Joachim O. (2014): Multi-Level Kinetic Model of mRNA Delivery via Transfection of Lipoplexes.
In: PLOS ONE 9(9), e107148 [PDF, 707kB]

Fritz, Georg; Megerle, Judith A.; Westermayer, Sonja A.; Brick, Delia; Heermann, Ralf; Jung, Kirsten; Rädler, Joachim O. und Gerland, Ulrich (2014): Single Cell Kinetics of Phenotypic Switching in the Arabinose Utilization System of E. coli.
In: PLOS ONE 9(2), e89532 [PDF, 1MB]

Hohlefelder, Luisa S.; Stoegbauer, Tobias; Opitz, Madeleine; Bayerl, Thomas M. und Rädler, Joachim O. (2013): Heavy Water Reduces GFP Expression in Prokaryotic Cell-Free Assays at the Translation Level While Stimulating Its Transcription. In: Biomed Research International, Vol. 2013, 592745 [PDF, 1MB]

Dohmen, Christian; Edinger, Daniel; Fröhlich, Thomas; Schreiner, Laura; Lächelt, Ulrich; Troiber, Christina; Rädler, Joachim O.; Hadwiger, Philipp; Vornlocher, Hans-Peter und Wagner, Ernst (2012): Nanosized Multifunctional Polyplexes for Receptor-Mediated SiRNA Delivery. In: ACS nano, Vol. 6, Nr. 6: S. 5198-5208 [PDF, 660kB]

Chiruvolu, Shivkumar; Warriner, Heidi E.; Naranjo, Edward; Idziak, Stefan H. J.; Rädler, Joachim O.; Plano, Robert J.; Zasadzinski, Joseph A. und Safinya, Cyrus R. (18. November 1994): A phase of liposomes with entangled tubular vesicles. In: Science, Vol. 266, Nr. 5188: S. 1222-1224 [PDF, 1MB]

Ziemann, F.; Rädler, Joachim O. und Sackmann, E. (Juni 1994): Local measurements of viscoelastic moduli of entangled actin networks using an oscillating magnetic bead micro-rheometer. In: Biophysical Journal, Nr. 66: S. 2210-2216 [PDF, 1MB]

Rädler, Joachim O.; Radmacher, M. und Gaub, H. (1994): Velocity-Dependent Forces in Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Lipid Films. In: Langmuir, Nr. 10: S. 3111-3115 [PDF, 1MB]

Sackmann, E.; Käs, J. und Rädler, Joachim O. (Juni 1993): On Shape Transformations and Shape Fluctuations of Cellular Compartments and Vesicles. In: Physica Scripta, Nr. 49A: S. 111-118 [PDF, 1MB]

Rädler, Joachim O. und Sackmann, E. (1992): Imaging optical thicknesses and separation distances of phospholipid vesicles at solid surfaces. In: Journal de Physique II, Nr. 3: S. 727-748 [PDF, 3MB]

Rädler, Joachim O. und Sackmann, E. (1992): On the measurement of weak repulsive and frictional colloidal forces by reflection interference contrast microscopy. In: Langmuir, Nr. 3: S. 848-853 [PDF, 1MB]

Rädler, Joachim O.; Radiman, S.; Vallera, A. de und Toprakcioglu, C. (1989): SANS studies of liquid crystalline microemulsion gels. In: Physica B, Nr. 156: S. 398-401 [PDF, 339kB]


Rädler, Joachim O. und Sackmann, E. (1992): Vesicle-Substrate Interaction. Studied by Reflection Interference Contrast Microscopy. International Workshop on Amphiphilic Membranes, 16. - 18. September 1991, Jülich; Deutschland. [PDF, 649kB]

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