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Moczko, Martin; Dietmeier, Klaus A.; Söllner, Thomas; Segui-Real, Bartolome; Steger, Heinrich F.; Neupert, Walter und Pfanner, Nikolaus (5. Oktober 1992): Identification of the mitochondrial receptor complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 310, Nr. 3: S. 265-268 [PDF, 416kB]

Söllner, Thomas; Rassow, Joachim; Wiedmann, Martin; Schlossmann, Jens; Keil, Petra; Neupert, Walter und Pfanner, Nikolaus (2. Januar 1992): Mapping of the protein import machinery in the mitochondrial outer membrane by crosslinking of translocation intermediates. In: Nature, Vol. 355, Nr. 6355: S. 84-87 [PDF, 549kB]

Lill, Roland; Hergersberg, Christoph; Schneider, Helmut; Söllner, Thomas; Stuart, Rosemary A. und Neupert, Walter (1992): General and exceptional pathways of protein import into submitochondrial compartments. In: Neupert, Walter und Lill, Roland (Hrsg.): Membrane biogenesis and protein targeting. Amsterdam u. a.: Elsevier. S. 265-276 [PDF, 2MB]


Schneider, Helmut; Söllner, Thomas; Dietmeier, Klaus A.; Eckerskorn, Christoph; Lottspeich, Fritz; Trülzsch, Barbara; Neupert, Walter und Pfanner, Nikolaus (13. Dezember 1991): Targeting of the master receptor MOM19 to mitochondria. In: Science, Vol. 254, Nr. 5038: S. 1659-1662 [PDF, 753kB]

Pfanner, Nikolaus; Söllner, Thomas und Neupert, Walter (1991): Mitochondrial import receptors for precursor proteins. In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Vol. 16: S. 63-67 [PDF, 917kB]


Kiebler, Michael; Pfaller, Rupert; Söllner, Thomas; Griffiths, Gareth; Horstmann, Heinz; Pfanner, Nikolaus und Neupert, Walter (13. Dezember 1990): Identification of a mitochondrial receptor complex required for recognition and membrane insertion of precursor proteins. In: Nature, Vol. 348, Nr. 6302: S. 610-616 [PDF, 1MB]

Pfanner, Nikolaus; Rassow, Joachim; Guiard, Bernard; Söllner, Thomas; Hartl, Franz-Ulrich und Neupert, Walter (25. September 1990): Energy requirements for unfolding and membrane translocation of precursor proteins during import into mitochondria. In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 265, Nr. 27: S. 16324-16329 [PDF, 758kB]

Pfanner, Nikolaus; Rassow, Joachim; Wienhues, Ulla; Hergersberg, Christoph; Söllner, Thomas; Becker, Karin und Neupert, Walter (25. Juli 1990): Contact sites between inner and outer membranes. Structure and role in protein translocation into the mitochondria. In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics, Vol. 1018, Nr. 2-3: S. 239-242 [PDF, 338kB]

Söllner, Thomas; Griffiths, Gareth; Pfanner, Nikolaus und Neupert, Walter (13. Juli 1990): A mitochondrial import receptor for the ADP/ATP carrier. In: Cell, Vol. 62, Nr. 1: S. 107-115 [PDF, 1MB]

Steger, Heinrich F.; Söllner, Thomas; Kiebler, Michael; Dietmeier, Klaus A.; Pfaller, Rupert; Trülzsch, Konrad S.; Tropschug, Maximilian; Neupert, Walter und Pfanner, Nikolaus (1990): Import of ADP/ATP carrier into mitochondria. Two receptors act in parallel. In: The Journal of Cell Biology, Vol. 111, Nr. 6: S. 2353-2363 [PDF, 1MB]


Söllner, Thomas; Griffiths, Gareth; Pfaller, Rupert; Pfanner, Nikolaus und Neupert, Walter (22. Dezember 1989): MOM19, an import receptor for mitochondrial precursor proteins. In: Cell, Vol. 59, Nr. 6: S. 1061-1070 [PDF, 1MB]


Söllner, Thomas; Pfanner, Nikolaus und Neupert, Walter (29. Februar 1988): Mitochondrial protein import. Differential recognition of various transport intermediates by antibodies. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 229, Nr. 1: S. 25-29 [PDF, 507kB]

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