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Azacis, Helmuts; Vida, Péter (17. September 2015): Repeated Implementation. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 518 [PDF, 218kB]


Kocher, Martin G.; Poulsen, Odile; Zizzo, Daniel J. (September 2012): Social preferences, accountability, and wage bargaining. Discussion Papers in Economics 2012-22 [PDF, 222kB]


Hillinger, Claude (May 2007): Measurement in Economics and Social Science. Discussion Papers in Economics 2007-19 [PDF, 295kB]


Bierbrauer, Felix (January 2006): Optimal Income Taxation and Public Good Provision in a Two-Class Economy. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 97 [PDF, 396kB]

Bierbrauer, Felix; Sahm, Marco (July 2006): Informative Voting and the Samuelson Rule. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 159 [PDF, 334kB]

Hillinger, Claude (November 2006): Science and Ideology in Economic, Political, and Social Thought. Discussion Papers in Economics 2006-35 [PDF, 396kB]

Kohnz, Simone (March 2006): Ratification quotas in international agreements. An example of emission reduction. Discussion Papers in Economics 2006-10 [PDF, 2MB]


Hillinger, Claude (May 2005): The Case for Utilitarian Voting. Discussion Papers in Economics 2005-11 [PDF, 120kB]


Hillinger, Claude (October 2004): On the Possibility of Democracy and Rational Collective Choice. Discussion Papers in Economics 2004-21 [PDF, 201kB]

Hillinger, Claude (December 2004): Utilitarian Collective Choice and Voting. Discussion Papers in Economics 2004-25 [PDF, 98kB]

Hillinger, Claude (June 2004): Voting and the Cardinal Aggregation of Judgments. Discussion Papers in Economics 2004-9 [PDF, 266kB]


Huck, Steffen; Konrad, Kai A. (2003): Moral cost, commitment, and committee size. WZB Discussion Paper, SP II 2003-31

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