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Michaelis, Rosa; Edelhaeuser, Friedrich; Huelsner, Yvonne; Trinka, Eugen; Viol, Kathrin and Schiepek, Guenter (2021): High-frequency monitoring of personalized psychological variables during outpatient psychotherapy in people with seizures: An uncontrolled feasibility study. In: Epilepsy & Behavior, Vol. 122, 108119

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Background: This feasibility study applied the concept of daily systematic monitoring of personalized psychological variables and investigated patients' compliance in order to evaluate if its integration in outpatient psychotherapy is feasible and if patients found the development and daily application of personalized questionnaires user-friendly and useful. Methods: A naturalistic sample of patients with epilepsy (PWE) was enrolled to participate in an outpatient psychotherapy program. A personalized process questionnaire was developed with each patient based on an individual psychological system's model at the outset of therapy. Daily time-stamped self assessments were collected during outpatient psychotherapy. This process-monitoring was technically realized by an internet-based device for data collection and data analysis, the Synergetic Navigation System (SNS). The reflection of person-specific time series informed by patients' replies to their personalized process questionnaire was integrated in the therapy process. Compliance rates were assessed during a period of six months (i.e., 180 days) after the first entry of the questionnaire [compliance rate = (number of completed questionnaires/180) x 100]. User-friendliness and usefulness of this process monitoring were evaluated quantitatively. Results: Twenty patients [15 women/5 men, median age 48 years (range 23-73 years)] were recruited. Compliance rates were high (median: 93%, range 31-100%) among the participants. Participants reported a high overall satisfaction with the application and user-friendliness of SNS. Conclusion: The results support the feasibility of high-frequency monitoring of personalized psychological processes during outpatient psychotherapy. Repeated daily assessments of a personalized questionnaire yield highly resolved, equidistant time series data, which gives insight into individual psychological processes during outpatient psychotherapy. (c) 2021 ELSEVIER. All rights reserved.

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