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Tumasjan, Andranik; Bekk, Magdalena; Klaas, Hannah S. and Spörrle, Matthias (July 2008): Gender roles and implicit causality. In: UNSPECIFIED p. 521 [PDF, 115kB]


Numerous studies investigated the phenomenon of implicit verb causality (cf. Rudolph & Försterling, 1997). This research revealed the robust finding that different types of interpersonal verbs lead to systematic causal attributions to one of the interacting persons. However, few studies addressed the interaction between verb causality and context variables. The present cross-cultural study investigates implicit gender roles in action and state verbs comparing two samples from Germany and China. Results show that the German sample perceived actions to be caused by men whereas states were causally attributed to women. However, our Chinese sample perceived men and women rather equally accountable.

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