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Bekk, Magdalena; Skatulla, Veronika; Pösl, Miriam; Natter, Martin and Spörrle, Matthias (July 2009): Brand personality and its influence on brand loyalty - Do sophisticated brands have more brand loyal customers? 11th European Congress of Psychology, Oslo, Norway, 07. - 10. July 2009. [PDF, 234kB]


Objectives. Creating loyal customers is one of the most important aims organisations have. However, most marketing departments try to create loyal customers through customer loyalty programmes only. This study aims at investigating the influence of the brand’s image (i.e., brand personality; Aaker, 1997) on brand loyalty. Method. Study 1 (N = 360) was used to derive a valid single-item measure from a multi-item scale for the three inter-culturally stable brand personality dimensions (sincerity, excitement, sophistication; Aaker, Benet-Martinez, & Garolera, 2001). Study 2, using an automobile customer sample (N = 1032), assessed the influence of brand personality on brand loyalty while controlling for previous purchases and customer personality. Results. Previous purchases and customers’ conscientiousness were significant determinants of brand loyalty. Additionally, all three brand personality dimensions explained incremental variance (ΔR² = .28) of customers’ loyalty. Conclusion. Practical implications for the application of brand personality in loyalty campaigns are derived.

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