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Herget, Philipp; Agthe, Maria; Spörrle, Matthias (July 2009): “Yes, (s)he is pretty, but...” An investigation of the simultaneous impact of endorser characteristics relevant to purchasing behaviour. 11th European Congress of Psychology, 07. - 10. July 2009, Oslo, Norway.


Objectives. Research on advertising efficiency states, that both the attractiveness of a model endorsing a product (Halliwell & Dittmar, 2004) as well as the extent of identification with this endorser (Felser, 2001) are relevant parameters of advertising effectiveness. Surprisingly, no research has simultaneously investigated the significance of attractiveness and identification with the endorser in the field of non-celebrity endorsement (e.g., typical product users), so far. Method and Results. Using an experimental between-subjects design (N = 480) endorser’s attractiveness and gender were manipulated in print advertisements for four different products. Including pivotal determinants of purchasing behaviour (e.g., impression on product quality) multiple regression analysis showed that identification but not attractiveness had a small but significant incremental predictive value on purchasing behaviour. Conclusion. A (potentially less attractive) non-celebrity endorser with whom consumers can identify themselves might be preferred in favour of an attractive one with whom consumers cannot identify themselves.