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Adler, Christine; Haus, Mirjam; Jakob, Lisa; Erfurt, Lena; Krüsmann, Marion (2012): GABEK WinRelan® – a Qualitative Method for Crisis Research Engaging Crisis Management Personnel. 9th International ISCRAM Conference, 22. - 25. April 2012, Vancouver, Canada.


Qualitative research methods like GABEK WinRelan are advantageous tools to analyze and thereby improve crisis management planning and communication systems by interrogating crisis management personnel. Contrary to quantitative methods they help to identify, explore, and structure new important aspects in this field and to formulate more specific research questions. This paper describes the usage and advantages of the qualitative method GABEK WinRelan within crisis management research, particularly within the e-Triage project which aims at the development of an electronic registration system of affected persons in mass casualty incidents. Furthermore it addresses different corresponding research fields like stress within emergency missions and the role GABEK WinRelan could play in examining these research fields.